Of White & Christian Culture (or, of Blood & Faith)

The Resistance is a revival in our minds, believing in our own worth. 


Powerful ideological forces hate the concept of a White and Christian culture, and that is, without question, who America was. The University system is rabidly anti-Christ and Anti-White, as are the institutions created or captured by the Left, including Big Business like Coca-Cola, where Whiteness is only permitted as a cover for anti-Whiteness. Christianity is allowed only if it is the “Judeo-Christian” branch of Judaism. While most Americans do not have an intellectual understanding of Critical Race Theory (CRT), they submit to it (because they are afraid of being called ‘racist’), or reactionaries against it, and therefore portrayed as ‘racists’. Not even the Church will stand up against the hatred of White people (which is what CRT is). CRT has nothing to do with righting “historical inequities,” it has everything to do with completing the project of Noel Ignatiev, which is to abolish White people, which is to abolish White people. This cancer has spread from the Universities and became the default position of those graduating from universities. (Don’t believe me? Search Abolish Whiteness.)

This is not a problem that will go away if we “vote right” in the next few elections. A resurrection of a former President, or a red sweep on both houses is no more likely to reverse the tide than the tactical victories in Afghanistan — the Taliban still won.

The Problem is Deeper than Elections

In the end, culture matters. Culture is the soil and politics is the plant. Healthy crops do not emerge from soil depleted of healthy nutrients. What is the condition of our cultural soil? If our universities are the religious institutions of secular America, then that soil, that culture, is profoundly anti-White and anti-Christian. Of this, there is no question.

The left-ward drift in the United States rolls on independent of who our elected political leaders are. The “elite” system in America wields power without reference to what people actually want. We live in the technocracy, a system of debt-based slavery, and judicial tyranny. Did anyone vote prayer out of schools? Who voted to make the Ten Commandments illegal in our schools? Which school district actually had parents clamoring for LGBTQ indoctrination among third graders, or for anti-White hatred pumped into the minds of the children?

America is run by a cabal hiding behind the illusion of a “participatory democracy.” As we’ve seen above, the most profound driver of our identity (the education of our children) is not controlled by the parents. The cabal completes our destruction by opening the borders, teaching Whites to hate themselves, and grooming our children for sexual destruction with the LGBTQ agenda. No one asked for this — it was imposed by internal Enemies, our Masters, the Slave-holding class.

Political prisoners languish in jails in Washington, DC. From grannies in Colorado to January 6 detainees political oppression is a reality in America. Anti-Fa/BLM are the Brown Shirts of the Slave-Holding class, they wield violence to keep traditional Americans fearful.

We are already enslaved internally. Now it is a matter of forming a resistance.

The Resistance

The Resistance cannot play by their rules.
• They would love a military uprising because they can deal with that in short order.
• They are happy to have us vote — they control the counting of the vote.
• They are happy to have us file lawsuits — they control the legal system, the courts and the judges.
• They are happy to have us form private schools because they can infiltrate them as well (since all teachers must have a university education).

What do they hate? They hate people who speak out ideas that they do not control. Same issue they had with Jesus Christ and Peter and Stephen and Paul and, for that matter, the prophets of old whom they silenced.

So that’s what we must do — speak the unspeakable.

The Intellectual Project

At the heart of political resistance is an intellectual project:
• Who are we?
• Are we worth existing?
• Is it worth the struggle?
• Who are they?
• How do they maintain power?
• How will we overcome them?

The task is to build an identity not controlled by the Slave-Holders. Once you do that, they lose control. Again, this is why the Jews told the Apostles “speak no more in His Name!” It is our identity in Christ — with Him as a Sovereign — that they cannot bear to hear.

The heart of the Resistance must be a people who understand themselves as loyal subjects of the Monarch Jesus Christ, the rightful ruler over every power structure on earth. Anything short of this identity is bound to fail because it fails to get at the root of identity and power.

Christian identity breaks their rules. They worked for generations to eliminate the legitimacy of Jesus Christ in the public sphere. So let’s go to the heart of it — Jesus Christ is Lord here and now on earth. Any compromise on this principle will inevitably lead us back to the situation we find ourselves in today.

Does Race Matter?

How about Race? Does race matter? If it did not matter they would not be working so hard to inculcate the hatred of White people, who are the historical reservoir of Christendom.

The United States actively works to support non-White races around the world, whether it be Uighurs in China, Palestinians in the Middle East, or obscure tribes in Africa (the Sudanese come to mind, if not the debacle in Rwanda). If racial identity is important to the United States government then why not emphasize a strong White racial identity? If Black Lives Matter, why not White Lives?

The Jews have a saying: “Never forget,” which ties their idenity to the Holocaust.

In another generation Whites will also say “Never Forget” — they tried to exterminate the White Race, and almost succeeded. And Christians will be ashamed that they did not stand up for their own ancestors or for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth.

Whites and Christians cannot continue to exist as either a White or a Christian people if they play by their rules — as long as they agree to the annihilation of Whiteness and Christianity only extermination awaits.

Is Whiteness worth preserving? For the Christian, the answer can only be yes. It is a commandment of Jesus Christ: “honor your father and mother,” and “whoever speaks evil of father and mother should be put to death.” That does not leave room for self-hatred or generational guilt.

Rise up, get off your knees — the “just shall live by faith!” Why must we ignore what Paul and Martin Luther taught us?

The Enemy will have Christians and Whites convinced that White self-esteem equates to the hatred of all others — this lie must be disabused within our own minds. Their accusations will increase, but the power lies in whether we accept their false guilt, or whether we free our minds.

All races have a vested interest in a healthy White and Christian culture. Does any rational Black believe that they would be better of under, say, the Chinese? Replacement is an immutable fact of history — the weak will be replaced by the strong. If the White and Christian nature of our countries is utterly abolished (their goal) then the world will be the worse for it.

The Organization

Our resistance does not require another “organization.” An organization gives the Enemy a fixed target to destroy. The organic organization is the family: the immediate and extended family and alliances between extended families with ties to land, language, and customs. This is why the Anti-Christs (Marxists old and new) have worked so hard to destroy the family.

As Satan destroys the organic ties between men, he creates false loyalties, like to a football team. Even nation-states are destroyed (we are no longer French or German, but European!”) and replaced with the false loyalties to “universal human rights,” and governments that are beyond they control of the people they claim to serve.

The Theology of Racial Identity

Identity as a Christian and/or as a White must be as organic as the very soil — no one hands us our identity — it comes from an awakening within — it is naturally and organically birthed. Football teams are false social constructs — blood is real. But blood requires faith — we must have faith in our blood (honoring our ancestors and fulfilling Genesis 1:28) and in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Identity is not a Passport issued by a state — it is birthed from within.

White identity in theological terms simply means obeying the Fifth Commandment and Genesis 1:28. The Fifth Commandment applies to all men everywhere, in every age. Whites must understand that they have a duty to honor their ancestors and bloodline just as every other race on the planet does. Has anyone noticed a cult of self-hatred among Jews or Japanese or Chinese or Palestinians? Of course not. Why do Whites welcome the kind of self-hatred that others instinctively reject?

Question: Is the White race outside of Jesus Christ worth existing?
Ask yourself: is any race worth existing outside of Jesus Christ?
Take your time.

Answer: Only at the Judgement Day will Christ separate the sheep from the goats — that is not the job of the sheep (nor the goats). The wheat and the tares grow together. It is the job of the sheep to biologically (Genesis 1:28) and spiritually (Matthew 28:18-20) propagate and let the Judge do the sorting out at the end of the Age.

Loving one’s own race is Biblical — Christ came for the “lost sheep of the house of Israel,” (as distinct from the Jews) and Paul’s love for his own race was explicit in the book of Acts and Romans.

What Satan Fears

The Enemy — Satan — inculcates hatred within and toward the White Race. What is he afraid of? Is he afraid that there will be a great revival within the White race and that we return to our Monarch, Jesus Christ? Does he know that Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones coming to life has nothing to do with Jews, but everything to do with the lost children of Christendom?


Whites have to stop perceiving themselves as without value and without culture and without meaning as a race. Deracination is ultimately a project of removing the natural resistance to tyranny from mankind. A people without a history or past or identity is a people wholly given over to their own destruction. Race, language, land, and culture are God’s anti-bodies against tyranny. Racination (rooting of a people) prevents their annihilation and conquest.

This racination (rooted-ness) in land, language, borders, gods, values and cultures must be an inculcated into any people who wish to preserve their own existence. (The Jews do it). Preserving one’s racial existence is a Christian imperative given God’s command to be fruitful and multiply and also to honor our ancestors (the Fifth Commandment).

The proposition that White culture and Christian culture ought to exist is an existential threat to those who hate us. They accuse us of what they do themselves: they generate hatred toward a race and religion not their own.

Existential Threat

The expansion of the European race and of Christian cultures is eminently worthwhile. The greatest strategic movement that Whites and Christians (separately or together) can do is have a clear-eyed understanding of our situation. Blacks and Hispanics and Asians are not our enemies — our enemy is the poison we have allowed into our own minds — our enemy is our own cowardice and unwillingness to deal with the lies we have been fed. This is in our power to resolve — not theirs.

If your spouse berates you, only you have the power to revive your self-esteem. This is true for a race as well as for an individual. This is our project. Blaming someone else does have its place, but it is not sufficient — we must actively work to revive our own internal self-rejection. Only we can do that for ourselves.

Let us start with what is in front of us today — stop hating yourself and your ancestors and recognize Jesus Christ as the rightful monarch now over whatever geography you occupy. (This applies to all races — Jesus Christ is Lord of every race). Reject the rules of those who hate you — they will never be happy until you are religiously and racially annihilated — this is the immutable law of Anti-Christ/Marxist revolutions.

We must not be silent handmaidens to our own cultural, racial, and religious death. There is no reason a Christian should remain silent in the face of White genocide or the abolition of Christian civilization. Judeo-Christians will happily undermine the White race and Christian civilization — but they are not Christians. (Judeo-Christianity is a sub-set of Judaism).

Our struggle is an existential. When the elite dehumanize half of America as “racist” and “sexist” and “homophobic” and “deplorable” and “irredeemable” please understand that, to them, “American” (or Canadian or Australian or English) only means those who have submitted to the Slave-Holder’s agenda. Dissenters remain outside of any legal, moral, or constitutional protections — we have been explicitly slated for termination.

Violence is already here. They mind rape our children with CRT and LGBTQ, protect the rapists (Epstein) and pedophiles and murderers, and imprison and demonetize the unsubmissive. Let us be clear in that — we are beyond the point of “peaceful” disagreement.

The beginning of the Resistance, however, is a re-birth in our hearts and minds.

Once we free our own minds … well, that is 90% of the way to victory.
Freedom begins between the ears.
Think differently even when it offends them.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
18 March 2022

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