If You Are Afraid, You Are Already A Slave

Out of whole cloth — no public debate, no authorization from Congress — the Biden Administration has created an internal police organization (part of DHS) to actively censor speech in the United States.  It is called the “Disinformation Governance Board.”

These people are traitors.  The Republicans in Congress are hardly better; outrage from the usual half-dozen and that’s it. The Washington Post defends this brazen violation of the Bill or Rights.

Brazen hardly begins to describe a domestic federal law enforcement agency created to attack free speech in America.  

  • Just before the elections.  
  • Just as we have started a war with Russia. 

Zero legal definition for what constitutions fake news or ideas that “could lead to descent into violence,” according to Mayorkas.   

 For today’s Democrats, the U.S. Constitution is a “racist” document and therefore illegitimate.  “Democracy” for them has nothing to do with self-rule — it means a politically correct outcome in the same way the “dictatorship of the proletariat” coerced Russians towards Lenin’s vision of a Marxist state.  When they say “democracy,” they mean “the dictatorship of the woke.”

Mayorkas, running DHS, says this will suppress ideas that “could lead to a descent into violence.”  They’ve been working this for a year — it is a direct outgrowth of the National Security Strategy to Counter Domestic Terrorism published in June, 2021.

If you object to what the Biden Administration is doing you are a domestic insurrectionist spreading ideas that “could lead to a descent into violence,” just as Trump was accused of doing in his speech on January 6, 2021.  (Post on Gab? Guilt by association.)

Both Obama knew this was coming and ginned up support for this in a recent speech at Stanford University.      Now here it is. 

They will use this to crush internal dissent in the United States.  And you know what? They will probably get away with it.  

This leads to controlled elections or no elections.
And that leads to civil war.

(Ooops, did I just commit a thought crime by stating the obvious?)


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