Books and Scripture

The effect of books, writing, journals on human society is undeniable. Control of human society means control of what is read, written, and proclaimed (preached, taught, assigned).  There is “The Narrative” that emerges from the Bible, and there are other narratives that exist in contrast to the Bible. 

For example, from the Bible emerges the narrative of two sexes (male and female) with corresponding gender with a relationship consummated in marriage for the purpose of reproducing.    An anti-Christ idea undermines this. (Why anti-Christ? Because Jesus Christ is also the “Word of God.” To be contrary to the Bible is to oppose Jesus Christ, Monarch and Creator.)

Friedrich Engels wrote a book called “The Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State.”  He lamented the fact that until his time the family was defined by the Bible and wrote a counter-narrative (and Anti-Christ narrative).   As the website “In Defense of Marxism” points out: “Up until then, the view of the family was dominated by the outlook of the Five Books of Moses.

Herbert Marcuse wrote a book called Eros and Civilization, which deconstructed the Biblical narrative of sexual roles, fostering the sexual revolution of the 1960s.  His disciples (college professors) continue to propagate this counter-narrative by equating homosexuality and heterosexuality, abortion and birth.  

Most famous, perhaps, is Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which I was required to read several times throughout my academic training (and was never required to read the first book of Moses).   Marx emerges from a tradition of Atheism and proposes to free mankind from silly notiongs such as the existence of God, which (for him) was a means to control the masses, as well as pure fiction.  His five stages of history are well known by undergraduates, while the Creation and the Flood are forbidden subjects. 

College courses on Human Sexuality introduce a counter-narrative to sexual roles, also Anti-Christ.  Teenagers are introduced to these ideas from their Priests and Prophets in the Cathedral of their religion (Professors at the University). They read the text books, discard what they had previously learned, and act accordingly — proof that men are but sheep, easily guided.

The point: Books matter. Narrative matters. What we read matters.  What we are taught matters. Ideas do not emerge out of air as “logic and rationality.” Authors Moses, David, Isaiah, Matthew, Luke, Paul and John are forbidden in these Cathedrals of Secular Religion, and replaced by new (unholy) writings by Marx, Engels, Marcuse, Freud, and all of their apostles and disciples.

The University and their Books remain a religious institution, substituting one religion (Christianity) for another (atheism).  What we read and are taught remains the means to control the masses (to disciple the nations), it’s just a different religion.

No one “frees themselves” by rejecting the writing of Moses and Matthew; one simply becomes a disciple of the new writings of Marx and Marcuse.   One converts to a different religion.  The sacraments are confession with the mouth and the engagement in some type of transgressive behavior.  The music changes. Relations between humans changes. Beliefs change. Languages changes. This is a process of religious conversion, not freedom.  One takes on a new master, one does not free oneself, for that is impossible as long as men are intellectually finite and physically mortal.

In a Christian Civilization, we set aside the Anti-Christ disciples and misleading scripture and resurrect the teaching of Moses and Matthew and John. It is utter foolish to believe that our current “secular” universities  are anything but religious schools — it is just the wrong religion.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
April 26, 2022

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