Christian Nation Versus Anti-Christ Nation

In An Anti-Christ Nation:

— The proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord of the body politic is forbidden.
— Worshipping Satan with live human sacrifice (children aborted) is a “right.”
— Children are taught to engage in homosexual behavior in public grade schools.
— LBTBQ recruiting posters are posted on the walls of the schools and the Ten Commandments are banned.
— The Holy Scriptures are outlawed in public schools and literature promoted homosexuality is introduced.
— Debt slavery is protected and encouraged — all laws against usury (slavery) are abolished. Debt is perpetual.
— Massive prison camps sprawl across the country were men are imprisoned for their entire lives.
— Public employees are punished for expressing loyalty to Jesus Christ in either a public or personal capacity.
— Powerful men who abuse children are protected by federal police, the press, judges and politicians
— Local governments are forbidden from enacting Sunday Laws.
— Prosecutors and police are never punished for abusing their power — they simply try it again.
— A race and religion that explicitly rejects Jesus as the Christ is exalted as the “Chosen people.”

In A Christian Nation:
— Jesus Christ is the official recognized Sovereign of the land.
— Abortion is illegal.
— Homosexuality is shameful and illegal.
— The Ten Commandments are posted on the walls of your schools.
— The Holy Scriptures are respected in public schools, not outlawed.
— Slavery is illegal which means that usury is illegal. All debts abolished every seven years.
— There are no long-term prisons.
— Prosecutors and witnesses who knowingly convict the innocent receive the same sentence they tried to impose upon the accused.
— The Sabbath is Holy — all businesses shut down on Sundays.
— Men who abuse children are killed.
— Borders are enforced — invasions are repelled.
— All public employees swear and oath directly to their Sovereign, Jesus Christ, and to the Bible.
— Those baptized in Jesus Christ and confessing Him as Lord are the Chosen people, the Holy Race.

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