Part 2: Race Nationalism? Or Religious Nationalism?

Part 2: Racial or Religious Nationalism?

Adam’s physical body was created from the dust of the ground. Then, the breath of life was given to him.  A nation was formed in history — a bloodline — from Jacob/Israel.  Then, when it was ready (and only then),  that specific bloodline made the chosen race and the chosen people.

No man can get “born again” and converted to Jesus Christ unless first he is born of water — born of a woman. Only then can he be born again of the Spirit.  These cannot be inverted — the body of flesh holds within it the Spirit of God. This is true for the individual as well as for the Nation.

There is no such thing as a disembodied Christian and there is no such thing as a disembodied Christian nation.  It is Satan’s project to destroy bloodlines and mix genders and kinds. It was God’s project to end the mixing and establish distinctive races/bloodlines in order to see which bloodline(s) would corporately serve Jesus Christ. Likewise, God created individuals to see whom would be loyalty to Jesus Christ in this life. But those individuals must exist in the flesh before they can be converted in the Spirit.

It is not possible for a Christian soul to exist without a physical body coming first.

It is not possible for a Christian nation to exist without a corporate body — a bloodline united by history, language and geography.

It is Satan’s project — the AntiChrist — to atomize humans and reduce him to powerlessness.  The project to eliminate bloodlines/nations is the project to rebuild Babel — Babel 2.0.   This voracious enemy of mankind atomizes both male and female, rendering them null; not being satisfied with that he then seeks physical dismemberment of male and female in today’s “transitioning” movement. This is Satanism in practice every bit as much as the project to eliminate nations is Satanism.

If you want to preserve the goodness of what God created — male and female — then one ought also fight to preserve the different nations and bloodlines which His Hand caused to come out of Babel in the division of the earth.  The blending of male and female (transgenderism and homosexuality) is but a continuation of the project to blend and destroy.  Both are projects of the AntiChrist.

Ancient Israel was a race/bloodline created by God and it was placed in a distinct geography with defined borders. Within that nation/state were distinct tribes with distinct borders.  Ancient Israel was to be a role model for every other nation on earth.

It is Christian duty to resist amalgamation and support distinct organic nations/bloodlines.

Observe the hypocrisy of a mighty empire who fosters racial discord at home and yet supports racial nationalism abroad: Yugoslavia was divided into distinct nations, Sudan was divided into northern and southern Sudan and there is “two state solution” for Palestine.

I once spoke to a “British” expat and he corrected me: “I am not British — I am English.”  And to that I replied “I am so happy to hear that.” Welsh nationalism, Scottish independence, the English Defense League and Irish nationalism are forces resisting the Borg (Babel 2.0). It is Christian duty to oppose the Borg of Babel 2.0. Catalonia secession and the yearning of the Quebecois for a national identity are good things.  The independence of Taiwan and the secession of Bangladesh and Pakistan from India are acts of resistance toward Babylon the Great. Amalgamation is an enemy of mankind.

Once in the land to our north, we met as two hundred senior bureaucrats and defense officials for a capstone-type seminar — preparing us for leadership and setting the direction of a national project. One speaker was African born and raised, transplanted to Canada then given a Canadian passport. A professor at a prestigious Canadian university, he was asked why so many African countries had a hard time succeeding.  He said plainly that the lines on the map were drawn not based upon racial or national divisions, but willy-nilly in such a manner as to guarantee endless strife between the various tribes and ethnicities which never were “one nation.” (The Professor had not gotten the memo on false nationalism, and no follow up questions were asked.) He named one successful sub-Saharan African nation and attributed its strength to borders coterminous with a solid ethnic group with a shared language, history and values.

I doubt that Professor was invited to return.

Both the story of the Tower of Babel and Daniel 2:43-45 illustrate the falsehood of building empires on something God Himself opposed.

Erasing distinct nations is directly linked to the project of erasing fixed gender identities and the inversion of the Fifth Commandment— all are projects of the AntiChrist who has re-engaged the ancient project of Babel. The Church ought to play no part in this project but should work against Babylon the Great as fervently as they ought to work against the gender blending horror of modern homosexuality and transgenderism — both are equally evil. The Churchman who rejects one while accepting the other is complicit in Satan’s project of Inversion.

The canard of “supremacy” is just that — it is institutional hypocrisy and slander from the Great Accuser who seeks to reestablish Babel.   Likewise, “equality” is a false idol, a lure that Satan tempted Eve with. No two men are equal; no two nations are equal, no two ethnicities are equal.

It is an insult to all parties to say “you are all the same.” Tell a woman that she is “just the same” as every other woman and see how that works out for your relationship — it is insulting. Likewise for men or tribes or races. Let us glory in the differences, not erase them.

Each is called to express the glory of the Creator (Jesus Christ) with the gifts and talents and uniqueness within themselves.

The AntiChrist seeks a disembodied antinationalism with a false God of “democracy” and “universal” human rights as a replacement for the organic, for the blood and for geography. A disembodied Christian Nation with no organic ties to blood and soil is a false nation — it refuses to recognize what God himself did at Babel (Genesis 11), and denies Acts 17:26-27 and Daniel 2:43-45.

In pursuit of Christian Nations, a body is required first. Distinct Nations, nations of robust integrity, unlike the nations described in Daniel 2:43-25, are required. And then let those distinct nations swear allegiance to their King Jesus Christ.

In Blood and Faith,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
16 October 2022 A.D.

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