On Being Provocative

  • Satan appeared as ‘not-Satan’ to Eve; he appeared as a wise serpent and then lied through his teeth to her.
  • Satan was a liar and deceiver from the beginning, as are Satan’s children, but they claim to tell the truth.
  • Why do we pretend Satan, as his seed, are not lying to us now?
  • Why do we pretend Satan has no synagogue and no children?
  • They lie because that is their nature and we Christians are fools for believing them, just as Eve was foolish and deceived.

Memorize the Truth:

Revelation 2:9
Revelation 3:9
John 8:44
1 John 2:22
Matthew 23:15
Matthew 23:33
2 John 7-11
1 Thessalonians 2:14-15

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