The Identity of the White Man

A White is from Europe.
His King is Jesus Christ, the man hated by the Jews, rejected by the Jews, murdered by the Jews.
A White man loves his Kin and King — those words are related.

A White man honors his ancestors; He obeys this command of Jesus Christ to honor his ancestors (Matthew 15) while the Jew seeks to replace blood loyalty with artificial loyalty to the Jew (Matthew 15) who is not really a Jew at all (Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9).

The identify of a White man is the inverse of the identify of a Jew. Jesus Christ hated the Jew (Matthew 15 and John 8) because the Jew inverts God’s order and truth. The Jew is the son of Satan (John 8:44).

A White man is jealous for his kin, his King and his lands. A White man never apologizes for his own existence, attributes, blood or ancestors. A White man is incapable of kneeling before a Jew; for he hates the Jew as his King Jesus Christ hated the Jews (John 8:44, Matthew 21:41-43).

The Cross of Jesus Christ

A White man never grovels before the Jew, nor begs forgiveness, for the Just shall live by faith.
The Jew one day will grovel before the Sons of the King, Jesus Christ (Revelation 3:9)

A Jew hates the White man because it was uniquely the Whites across the face of the earth that were loyal to the very Monarch that the Jews murdered.

Everything the Jew says is a lie because their father is Satan the father of lies.
A White man rejects the Jew just like the Jew rejects Jesus Christ.

The Jew lies.
The White man tells the Truth out of loyalty to the Man the liars murdered.

Jews hate Whites.
Jesus Christ loves Whites, the Europeans.
Jesus Christ stopped speaking Hebrew upon His resurrection and spoke a European tongue, Greek (Rev 1:8, and the entire New Testament).

When the Greeks asked to see Jesus Christ, He knew his mission was accomplished. (John 12:21-23).

The entire New Covenant is aimed at European man, from the travels of Paul to the language of the New Testament, to Jesus Christ’s oath that He would remove the care of the vineyard from the Jews and give it to a different ethnic groups, the Europeans (Matt 21:43). It was the White missionary who took the Gospel to Africa, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere.

Jews pretend to be God’s Chosen, but they lie like their father the devil, they are a false wife, a whore (Rev 17:5) Jews are not real Jews: they are liars and of the synagogue of Satan. (Rev 3:9 and Rev 2:9)

The White man that sides with the Jew is Judas Iscariot; he was called and chosen but sided with the whore for this life’s pleasures. He is a traitor to Kin and King, a worthless beast.

The true White man is proud of his Monarch, the One the Jews hate.

This is the eternal law — enmity.
Genesis 3:15.
Nothing can change this.

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