Facts and Fiction

  • The earth existed before the Sun, Moon and stars. The sun is not necessary for light or day or night.
    Water was in liquid form on the earth BEFORE the sun was created.
    Light, Day, and Night all existed before the sun, moon and stars.
    Genesis 1:1-14. Also see Revelation 22:5
  • There is a solid dome — firmament — over the earth. This firmament divides waters below the firmament from waters above the firmament. Genesis 1:6-8; Ezekiel 1:23-26; Ezekiel 10:1; Daniel 12:3; Revelation 4:6
  • The sun stood still for a day in Joshua’s time, and the shadow moved backward in Isaiah’s time. It is the sun that moves in relation with the earth, not vice-versa. The sun stopped with no “gravitational” disaster affecting the earth. Joshua 10:12-14; Isaiah 38:7-8; 2 Kings 20:9
  • We did not “evolve” from single cell organisms. The theory of existence over time and by chance is a Big Lie. Man looks like his Creator — Jesus Christ. We were created in His image.
  • Heaven is always up. Hell is always down.
  • Stars are living beings. God named them, and they follow Him. Isaiah 40:26. Isaiah 14:12; Acts 7:43; Deuteronomy 4:19

Questions: If the earths spins at one thousand miles per hour at the equator, why have not the oceans spun out? That is faster than the speed of sound. Why have not the northern and southern oceans emptied in the rush toward the equator? How do the oceans maintain equilibrium between 1000 miles per hour movement at the equator and virtually no movement at the North Pole? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiCoHqwNTzQ

If space is a vacuum, why do we have an atmosphere at all? It should have been sucked into space. Gravity does not overcome a vacuum.


Most of all: If we “evolved,” if the earth spins around the sun, and if the sun moves at half a million miles per hour through the galaxy, and if the earth came into being after the sun and the stars, and took billion of years to take its current form, they why didn’t the Holy Spirit inspire Moses to write just that in the book of Genesis? Is the Holy Spirit the author of lies? No.

Satan was a liar from the beginning. Satan is also the deceiver of nations.
He deceives the whole world. Rev 12:9.

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