Dimly Lit A Future Grows . . .

The past is gone forever
We must look forward.
What does that look like?

Cultural Marxists = Jews

We must shed the chains that have kept us in bondage: “racist, antisemitic, xenophobic.” Those shackles, self imposed, enslave us to our enemies. Their guilt and accusations are not from our God and Ancestors. We wear them voluntarily.

  • A white and a Christian nation — blood and faith — undiluted by Satan’s children.
  • Defensible borders.
  • Self-sufficient in food and crafts.
  • Every man dangerous to those not our brothers.
  • Every man a king on his land, every wife a queen, every son a prince, every daughter a princess.
  • Bankers hung from trees, abusers of children slaughtered.
  • Money only of gold and silver coin.

It is not enough long for the olden days.
We must imagine a future pleasing to our descendants and honorable before our ancestors.
And we must fight for it.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
4 October 2023

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