Come on, Christians, Whose Side Are You On?

Lots of hate mail from the “diversity and tolerance” crowd. No surprise.  Hypocrite is a theological term.  You know who it applies to.

The hate mail included death threats from people who consider themselves morally superior and intellectually enlightened.    Liberal fragility is real.  Jewish fragility is real.   Makes White fragility look entirely made up.

I mean, who has the power? Ain’t folks like me.

What generates the hate?  Mostly it is indoctrination from their religious cult and its leaders.  They don’t like people who speak outside of the approved narrative.  Dissidents get attacked. Not many speak up; people are afraid of the Jews.

The Word of God is eternal; it will be here after heaven and earth pass away.  The story of Jesus and the Jews isn’t just some aberration for a moment two thousand years ago. The principles are eternal.  And, yes, people are afraid of the Jews.  But Jesus was not. And He wasn’t worried about offending them.

What offends Liberals and Jews?  Here’s just a few:

Some have advised that I avoid certain topics so as “not to offend” because, ostensibly, we can reach people with the Gospel if we don’t offend them.  Horse manure.   The Church has pursued that policy for a hundred years.

The Pharisees have not left the scene any more than Christians have.
And the new Pharisees are just as anti-Christ as the old Pharisees.

The Jews accused Jesus Christ of being full of Beelzebul, being possessed of a demon,  and casting out demons by the head demon. Jesus claimed He cast them out by the Spirit of God.  Did the Jews blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

The Jews said Jesus was conceived in fornication by a Samaritan. Wrong. Jesus Christ  was conceived by the Holy Spirit in a virgin woman.   Did they blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said the Jews were sons of the Devil. Is that offensive? Is that anti-Semitic? Stop apologizing, Christian, for what Jesus Christ said.  Some Christians would rather deny the Word of God than stand with the Rock of Offense.

Wake up, Church. Choose a side and be done with it.  Either way. The hour is late.

Stay tuned.

Fritz Berggren
2 March 2021

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