Great Question — Neutrality?

Is so-called “religious” neutrality possible?


There is no such thing as neutrality.
There is no philosophical space in which nothing exists — and that is the purported (but deceptive) goal of the so-called secularists.

A lack of what some call “religion” is merely the substitution of another philosophy and morality; all of which are matters of conscience, thought, assumptions, and philosophy. “Religion” is but a sub-set of those — and those against the Christian faith call Christianity “religious” in order to place it in a ghetto — to circumscribe it, contain it, imprison it, and limit its influence.

And so those who say the state must be devoid of “religion” really mean to substitute their own godless religion (which they disdain to refer to as a religion) for Christianity.

And when a Christian culture refuses — such as in Georgia — they stoop to erecting monuments to the devil. And that is perfectly reflective of what is really going on.

What is the answer?

The answer is never to apologize nor to find some safe neutral ground upon which we agree. That is how we (those of a Christian culture) surrendered our civilization in the first place. The results are obvious all around us.

Rather, we must through down the gauntlet.

I like the title of the web site “Cambria Will Not Yield.”

It emotes the idea that, though against great odds, we would rather suffer death that bend the knee to Satan and his followers.

All who reject the Law of the King, all who reject the Son of God and His Law, all who claim “we reject the idea of a Creator,” follow the devil, Blasphomet.

We chose to live another way.
We will not apologize for it.
We will not find “common ground” with those that hate our Creator and His Law and His Son, Jesus, who is presently the Lord of every nation.

Fritz Berggren

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