Abusive Relationships

Abusive Relationships

I know a man whose wife beats him and verbally berates him. As a result, he sleeps on the couch, works overtime, and can’t enjoy a vacation. Why? She reported him, once, for domestic violence; and, as you may imagine, the only thing he was guilty of was defending himself.

And so it is with Straight White Christian Males (SWCM) today in America. We’ve made a great nation and we’ve let the “others” in. White men even put a Black man in the White House.

What did we get in return? More accusations of “racism” and general evil. Non-SWCMs doubled down on their tactics of guilt manipulation and raised the of accusations to a fevered pitch. Judging from recent events, to be a straight white male is to be unqualified to hold any position of leadership in American today.

The patterns between an abusive marriage and abuse between races is similar.

Because non-SWCM are not SWCMs, they can claim abuse and be believed and the authorities show up and punish the very one who created a prosperous domestic situation in the first place. It’s not as if this man’s wife provided for the family — or even raised the children — she gets the benefits of someone providing for her while he is guilty for simply being SWCM. To dissolve their domestic situation is a win for the woman — she gets half now and half of everything he’ll make in the future.

That is an abusive relationship.

It was white Christian men and their wives who built this country. It was not Africans. It was not the transgender nor lesbians. It was not homosexuals nor non-Europeans nor the Muslim. They are living in our house. We welcomed them and they turned on us.

Now what can we do? Cry foul? And like the man in the domestic abuse situation, who in authority will believe him?

America is dysfunctional society built by some and consumed by others. Whomever is not a SWCM has found solace in creating their own identity groups that imagine themselves as victims of the SWCM. Their very identity is not self-referential — they exist only in opposition to the SWCM. They are the ultimate expression of “dependency” theory — get rid of the SWCM and their self identity no longer makes sense. That they are permitted to claim this special status is because the SWCMs have allowed them to. SWCM’s have self-abused themselves by believing they were the cause of the travail of others and seek salvation in self-immolation — denying their faith, their fathers, and their foundations. This is shameful behavior.

At some point, the abused man either commits suicide ( by a gun, or alcohol) or flees (only to be caught and punished by the totalitarian state who can track his every movement) or kills his wife and then he still goes to jail and isn’t any better of that where he was before.

So he shuts up, submits, and lives with the abuse. This is sick.

Reverse the roles and there is not a female in America that would put up with that nor a non-SWCM group that wouldn’t howl to the rafters in self-righteous indignation.

This is a twisted relationship and it is time for it to end, come what may.

It cannot be that half our nation exists as a self-identifying victim of SWCMs, whose ancestors largely built the western world. As a SWCM, I do not owe any portion of my present, past of future to assuage the discomfort of those who would accuse me and mine of a social crime.

We (SWCMs) should never be willing to submit to outrages we would immediately condemn if hoisted upon others. Guild manipulation is never right, not only to foist on others, but to bear those accusations — that is willful slavery and it must be resisted.

In an abusive relationship, there should be room for divorce. If SWCM are so evil, then why the yearning of non-whites to seek refuge in America? Is SWCM are so evil, then why not seek refuge in the lands of their ancestors?

Why are homosexual couples seeking the fruits of heterosexual union — children? Homosexuals cannot reproduce but they demand the fruit of the loins of heterosexuality. They condemn the fertile as oppressive yet demand the fruit of their healthy unions. The dead demand to suck life from the living and it is a sin for the living put up with it.

The non-SWCSs remain for the same reason the non-producer wife remains with her abused husband — he provides for her. It doesn’t get any better by leaving. She has it made — she berates her husband and she keeps extracting rents and the husband can’t figure out how to leave.

But what happens when he wakes up?

That man must be willing to walk away from everything, but walk away tall. And should the government jail him or garnish all his wages, perhaps that is the price of freedom.

And so with the SWCM’s in America — how comfortable are you in this abusive relationship? Have you had enough yet? If you are so evil, why haven’t your tormentors left? (Answer: because leeches seek the living and flee a dying corpse).

There will never be a point at which you have bled enough to sate the desires of those who abuse you. It is their lever to power, it is the force with which they extract benefits from you and justify their own failures. You are useful to them; they cannot exist without you.

The racial racetrack in America keeps speeding up. This will either force SWCMs to say “enough!” or the whole system, eventually, will collapse.

That abusive wife will never to go to work. And if her husband dies she’ll just move on to some other guy who likes the attention of abuse.

When the SWCMs of the world all die, who will the others turn to?

Sometimes bad relationship just aren’t worth saving. This is a sick relationship and it is time it ended.

Afterward: This analogy has Christian application. We (Christians) are grateful for forgiveness but abuse it by rejecting in fact what we acknowledge only in words — that Jesus Christ is Lord. He is not Lord at all to many Christians. That, in the long run, is a relationship that will not work.

To God’s corporate people (Ancient Israel) he warned that the day would come when he would reject them and send them back into slavery, and all their cries for mercy would no longer be heard.

God is not the Sugar Daddy in the Sky.
SWCMs are not the Sugar Daddy for the “others.”
All this has to end.

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