Peak Globalism

It is rare that people understand their own historical moment. It usually comes and goes and then, a life-time or two away someone says “hey, you know, way back when was the height of that movement.” I’ll presume to think that I am ahead of that: I think we are at the very height of the globalist movement.

My thoughts have been evolving on this for a couple of years now, every since I told a group of distinguished national leaders that we have reached “peak feminism.” It was a shrill and bitter shrew who told us all how much her country had to make up for the sins of the past. She was so ungracious, and we were so polite. And yet it was clear she (and by extension her entire movement) had oversold herself.

And then the African (really, African, born and raised there) academic who told us that the reason most African nations fails is because the European conquerors divided up the nations on geographic lines and not tribal (sub-racial) lines. The one example of a solid African nation he could give was the one nation apportioned based on a single tribal loyalty. Imagine that.

The cracks in the foundation of globalism are getting wider every day.

We are witnessing today the rejection of globalism at the very moment when the Elites (government leaders, corporate executives and universities professors) are putting the cherry on top of their grand project of global unity, order and “rule of law.”

The United Nations, global warming, universal human rights, the no-borders movement, the ideas that we are “citizens of the world,” are all being rejected by growing portions of the European communities.

Dissent arises from supporters of Trump, Alternative for Deutschland, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Swedish Democrats, UKip, Salvini, French Yellow jackets and more. Smarter folks (Japanese, Chinese and even Mexico) never bought into this universal brotherhood.

Now, this is not the moment of total rejection — many remain deceived by this promise of global piece and harmony (which is nothing but a rejection of native peoples and the imposition of ideas wholly hostile to the people our governments claim to represent). This new UN Global Compact on Migration is endorsed by Canada and the UK, but rejected by the US and Austria, Hungary, Israel and many others whom a decade ago would have blindly endorsed it. This is a singular example of discord and rejection of the “we are one” movement.

Part of this compact is to make illegal any criticism of migration; this is important because it illustrates the panic setting in with the elites and also the viciousness with which they choose to impose their agenda.

They impose upon the average person that in which they have no say. There is no “democracy” at the heart of the globalist totalitarian movement. That which they would impose they call “democratic;” that which threaten them they call “racist.” It is all rhetorical deception. Those so-called liberal and tolerant elites have, are, and will outlaw any speech deemed a threat to their globalist totalitarian agenda.

Witness Google, Facebook, Twitter and now Apple virtue signaling by “banning hate speech.”

Hypocrites and totalitarians all. They call “hate speech” anything that they deem remotely threatening to their unilaterally imposed world view. Pornography and cat videos are fine. Anything that promotes violence toward Whites (like the current government of South Africa) gets a pass and Anti-Fa and BLM are heralded as foot soldiers for the salvation of democracy.

They are panicking. The closer we get to the tipping point the more they will will impose Orwellian, illegal, totalitarian and even violent measures against “bad thinkers.”

Do you think removing a man’s ability to make an income due solely to his political or moral views in acceptable? That’s what PayPal and Youtube and Apple and Twitter do when they “de-platform” bad thinkers. (Please don’t be naive enough too think the de-platformed are violent, promote violence, nor are even doing anything illegal; not that case at all). Bad thinkers — the de-platformed – become unforgivable because they question the concept of open borders, are proud of their own ancestors, or respect great warriors that fought to defend their homelands. What is the sin in that?

This era will not pass without bloodshed. I say that not to be dramatic, but this is a momentous change in the course of history — things like that don’t just get a pass. No one is going to shrug their shoulders and say “OK, I guess we’ll go along with the nationalist and the traditionalists and the Whites and the bad-thinkers.” No. They are too invested; they have equated us with Adolph Hitlers (“Nazi scum! Racist! Fascist!”). For them to roll over and give up would be to repudiate their most profound moral sympathies (as evil as they are). The closer we get to the total rejection of the ideas of the globalist elites, the more violent and oppressive these “universally tolerant and diverse” hypocrites are going to become.

So, chin up, boys, dark days are ahead. But only because we’ve woken up and now they are very very angry. In the end, we win.

Fritz Berggren
Colorado Springs
4 December 2018

PS: Remember, anyone accusing you of being a “hater” or a “racist” is actually the hater themselves. Groups that signal whom to hate (by calling people “hate groups” are themselves the haters. Think SPLC). They slander you because your ideas threaten them and their intent is to destroy your life, your friends, your income and your future by equating you with the a moral demon of the 20th century. Those groups are what they claim to deplore — hate groups.

Don’t listen to them. Kick that sand back in their face and march on.

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