Universities ARE the State Establishment of Religion

There is no such thing as a non-religious order. The current religious order is a secular and atheistic order that, as a matter of dogma, asserts that this is not “religious.” Attached to this assertion of irreligiousity is a presumption (ingrained in the masses by our public school system) that the non-religions order is superior to and above that of the religious order.

But if religion is understood as a system of beliefs and a faith, then there is no such thing as a non-religious order. The secular bedrock of American education (and thus of all proceeding endeavors of mankind) is a deep and profound belief system. It is no more “scientific” than a Christian world view except that it self-deceives by claiming to be “scientific.”

Science implies a systematic and logical examination, through observation and experiment, of the world around us. But there is no observation nor experiment that has ever demonstrated that life comes from non-life nor that entropy works in reverse and that is the foundation of our intellectual world in this very late Western civilization. Reverse Entropy is pure faith and fiction and all the more fiction because the secular order denies the legitimacy of faith.

There does not exist a moment nor a man in the history of the world in which by observation nor experiment entropy once worked in reverse nor life oozed from non-life. This is the religious foundation of America and the West today. This is a faith, a belief, and world view, and a religion for which their is no science. Thus, our entire world view emerged from something unprovable, a religion.

But that is not enough. It is also true that this secular order is inherently self-contradictory. In other words, it operates upon hidden assumptions that is has overtly rejected. This secular order claims to be “scientific” and to reject “blind faith,” and yet is that not what belief in reverse entropy really is? Blind faith?

This secular order claims to have no “holy scriptures” from which to claim authority, but this is also false: they read and write their own holy books and refer to them as sources of authority for “truth.” We are all trained in college to foot-note (to appeal to authority) every fact and assertion we rely upon, yet the preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is mocked for doing the exact same thing: referring to written authority. Secular professors use the very same methodology as a Christian preacher — and appeal to authority by quoting “writings” of others. Your professors a the university are priests and prophets (professors), they are religious leaders, the set orthodoxies, excommunicate the unbelievers and sinners, and are exceeding protective of their powers, privileges and positions. So challenge the position of the “University” in western life is the challenge the entire religious striation of this civilization. To even hint at cutting the budget of a religious order (the University) is heretically and a defiance of all that is good and true.

Those religious leaders (university professors) established the myth that all secular education leads to greater financial prosper and freedom, but American was not settled and explored by university graduates nor professors. Universities today are religious centers — they are taxpayer funded religions over whom the taxpayers and citizens have absolutely no control. We are tax cattle paying our unelected religious leaders to impose their world view upon us and to punish us for our sins (by denying us an education, preventing us from getting a job,[1] and public humiliation as they call us academically acceptable four-letter-words (ignorant, fundamentalist, racist, sexist, naive) when we proclaim different truths.

A Christian world view can be internally consistent — we acknowledge the role of unprovable assumptions in our world and we explicitly identify a body of written work as authoritative (the Bible). Secular religionists claim to be “objective” an “scientific” when the best of them understand clearly that no such thing is possible outside of the constructs of a faith (a religion). Within their faith they can be internally consistent — but their self-inflicted wound is their refusal to acknowledge that they are a faith. (And they cannot acknowledge that they are a faith because that would reduce them to the level of every other religionist). The Christian faith acknowledges an explicit body of work to appeal to; the secular derides this as ignorant and yet they practice the same methodology when they have full faith in their own writings and refer to them as authoritative.

There is nothing more authoritative on the planet that the Writings of Moses and the Prophets and and the Psalms and Provers and Gospels and Epistels. Nothing. To replace those with the “religion” of atheism and the blind faith in reverse Entropy is neither scientific nor rational; it is simply another religion.

Christians must wake up to this.

We are enslaved not because they have power over us, but because our preachers have willingly set aside our own writings for the writings of pagans and atheists. There is no common ground between atheism and the Christian God. There is no agreement between the story of Creation written by Moses and the stories of Evolution written by those who have no proof whatsoever that life comes from non-life nor that Entropy works in reverse — this is all pure fantasy and is their best creative effort to create an Existence Myth to replace the stories of Moses.

[1] Most professional jobs require a university degree; this means we must be suitably indoctrinated into a secular world view and morality before we can be employed in positions of leadership and influence.

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