I was called in by the Prime Minister. He asked me what to do. His country was a failure. Mired in debt, they had borrowed money from the foreigners for decades with no hope of repayment. Bankrupt, because the poor got poorer and there was no industry or agriculture to tax. High unemployment because, like most countries, they bought into the idea of open borders and free flow of trade and commerce. Cheap foreign goods drove small business into bankruptcy. They bought the lies of the world powers: “go into debt,” they said. “Open your borders,” the urged. They accepted foreign aid which drove farms out of business: they could not compete with free grain. Ninety percent of the farms ceased production, rural families urbanized and lived disease invested hovels. Tuberculosis exploded. Everyone wanted more. No one had anything to give. Foreign aid did nothing but cement institutional poverty for generations.

“Sir,” I said, “since you can’t sink any lower, there’s no downside to doing something different.”

And I laid it out to him.

“First,” I said, “democracy is a sham.”

What is sold as democracy gives the appearance of control to the people but really denies it to them. Most of your country was quite content forty years ago under a dictator. But the West said “no, you need democracy.” So they helped you teach people to vote and set up special groups to represent women, minorities (and since they were all non-white, they set up groups for gays, single women, transgender, women and the infirm). No special groups for productive working men who led, protected and provided. But this was on purpose — those kind of men are a threat to weaker men who, at best, are but bureaucrats.

You need a Solon, I said. A wise man. A dictator who would rule by his word. But before we can do that, the people need to welcome him and the Law he would impose.

What Law is that?” He inquired?

The Ten Commandments.

Isn’t that kind of harsh?

Harsh? Compared to what? Compared to the poverty you now have?

I said, let me speak to the people on TV and the radio and in open forums. Let me explain to them their options. Let me lay out to them their past, their present and their future. Their futures is more of the same, until someone brings order. Or they can accept a dictator who will rule under a known set of laws.

The people must understand what they are getting into. Right now, they think they have hope, but there is none. Nothing the globalist order has provided is working; it will never work. They sell lies and you suffer.

“OK, I’m in. Let’s do it,” he said.

Four weeks of national conversation ensued. A foreign power, hating this “new idea” did everything they could to undermine this proposal and slander those of us working toward it. In the end, the people assented because they were exhausted in their slavery.

I promised them it would not be easy. I promised that some wouldn’t make it through the transition. I promised that many would die of hunger and violence. But it was better that slow suffocation and starvation. At least they had a chance.

Here’s what happened.

First, the people were so desperate that they were willing to follow a dictator. They didn’t like it. Especially the leading families that produced the traditional rulers. They had the most to lose, their prestige and power and their position above the laws that governed the rest of the country. They posed the biggest problems. They solicited foreign powers and appealed to the United Nations to intervene because we were “violating basic human rights.”

Thankfully, those powers able to interview, who could send in their military and pump a few billion dollars into the economy to prop it up for their chosen figurehead ruler were deep in war and quite in a ruin themselves. Without this, I doubt we could have succeeded. But in the providence of God, they were otherwise occupied and our venture struggled forward.

It is amazing how easy slavery is when the alternative is freedom. Moses had the same issue, the Israelites grumbled and complained and pushed forward leaders who accused Moses of making things worse for them and they wanted to go back to the old system in Egypt where at least they had enough to eat. By the grace of God, I suppose, they stumbled on. For them, it was forty years in the wilderness, and then generations of war to actually possess what was theres. In a system of slavery, you don’t have to worry about where your food comes from — it is either there or it is not. You don’t have to worry about conquering a foreign enemy — you have no weapons nor trading nor even a reason to fight. You are a slave, all is provided for you, and if it is not, then I guess you don’t need it.

Freedom is costly. It is dangerous. It is risky. You might lose. You might go back into slavery or be wiped out by a stronger power. Some men, perhaps some races, where made for slavery. Noah cursed Canaanand damned his offspring to be slaves to Shem and Japeth. Freedom isn’t for everyone, though everyone can aspire to it.

Our dictator wasn’t as power hungry as we thought he would be. His first rule was to empower others to rule, those who should rule, those who were Fathers in word and deed. By this I mean a male head of household, who produced enough to feed his family exercised near Roman rule over his extended family just short of the point of life and death. He was accountable for his blood line. And his blood line was accountable to him. Wife and wives and children were under his authority alone. No one, especially the government, could tell him how to educate his children, what to feed them, nor what rights they had. He was Lord of his household. Women and children all were submitted to him. He provided and he ruled. It is the same in “modern societies,” the government takes all the money, makes people dependent up the government, and then sets the rules. This new order (which is not new at all, but rather organic to human societies) put control at the local level, not a continent away. And though women were submitted, never underestimate their influence — their power is greatest when they sway and appeal rather that manipulate and control.

Should a young man leave his father and mother and take a wife, he has the same rights and responsibilities. Should he be able to provide for his family, he ruled. Should he be unable to rule and was a man of some talent he could submit to a many of greater ability and become, as it were, a servant to him. In the “modern” world this would be called employment. Except in the modern world a wage was not guaranteed (he could be fired on a moment’s notice) and yet his living expenses continued. When a man became a servant, in this new order of things, his food and housing where always covered — he assumed no risk. But he did not partake of the rewards, either. Should the Master have a bountiful yield it was not shared with the servant.

Share-croppers were not servants. Nor were shepherds nor deckhands on fishing boats. To partake of the bounty and share the risk meant sharing the rewards. If a man shared in the risk of the venture (as do deckhands and share-croppers and shepherds) then he could earn rewards above those of a servant with the hope that someday he would have his own boat or farm or flock.

Rice and beans, plantains and chickens and fish were staples for that economy. So God has provided a means for all people in all places to feed themselves. And if He didn’t, then they die out. Freedom means risk. The modern world offers a risk free and freedom-free option. Nothing better and nothing worse. These people were experienced with slavery. Would they opt for freedom? Freedom is bought dearly in blood, treasure, time and opportunity. Would they be men or slaves?

Second, I shut down the foreign aide machine. No more. Free food is for slaves. Free food undermines the incentive men will have to farm, fish, and husband livestock. We rejected free food, we rejected slavery. We embraced the risk of starvation in the hope of self-sufficiency which alone leads to freedom.

People rioted.
People starved.
Theft, robbery, and murder skyrocketed.

And the smart men survived and the weak and cowardly and insufficiently cunning died.

Those men already free enough to protect their families organized their kind and servants to fight. And they killed those who would plunder them. The government did not intervene. It was many nights of the long knives. If there is one thing I could say about this it would be that people reached down deep and made deacons on who they could trust and who was on their side and who would back them up and who would not. The thieves and murderers lost. The proper Masters stood first in the line against the ravagers with their sons. The servants and women saw this and offered their own swords and knives and bodies up to protect their clan. Good men died, yes. And more bad me died.

Those that survived were marginally stronger that before those dark and bloody nights. And the took the fallow lands and they repaired the broken boats and the captured roaming cattle and put their clan to work.

An assembly of peers — fathers of clans — made each other’s aquaintance. By ones and twos they met over coffee and beer and stronger. And as a matter of course and expedience they began to agree to some conventions. These were organic in nature — nothing to engineer a world they didn’t own, but rather to reduce the common pain.

One lord’s daughter was kidnapped and raped. This was quite common under the old ways. And nothing was done other than the public outrage and moral posturing of those who demonstrated for “women’s rights” and against a lawless “male dominated” society. But it wasn’t male dominated. It was dominated by nameless bureaucrats who had no skin in the game with regard to the young woman; they coveted power and privilege at the expense of all else. In the end, no man — no man — was able to protect his daughter because the use of force was ac right reserved for the “government.” This, to changed.

These men had skin and blood in the game — their daughters. And they anger for all the daughters.

They found the men. They did not die an easy nor private death. It was public and brutal and slow.

After that, rape was exceedingly rare.

Patriarchy became the foundation of this new order. And self-sufficiency — those who could provide ruled as with the old order — that rule never can change. Rather in this new order the providers became local and present and accountable unlike the foreign donors and overseas “investors” who controlled all and risked nothing. Local men had skin in the game. And blood. And now they ruled, not the foreign powers nor nameless bureaucrats.

Shanty towns were abandoned. Those who lived by theft and robbery disappeared in the nights. Pig fodder, some say. Reformed say others. Perhaps both.

Now the Lords — those Patriarchs large and small, self sufficient fathers were armed and trained their own sons and sons-in-law and faithful retainers for war. This was a feudal order — the natural order — of self-sufficiency and self-defense and self-dependence. They were free orders of men, of men. Men had disappeared in the old world. They were dangerous. The were independent and self-sufficient and violent and skilled and intelligent. They could sway with sword and strength, word and wisdom, food, fish and fowl. But in that “modern” world nameless faceless government bureaucrats held all the power. And that was evil.

Not that we were without challenges. Traitors and cowards are the lot of mankind, they chose deceit and good men died — murdered by swords and slander — as we sorted out truth from lies. Foreign powers jealous of what they might have had, wealthy beyond imagination, suborned lesser me to murder our best. Freedom doesn’t mean the innocent don’t die — it means good men, productive men, honest men, have a chance to rule as godly Lords over those who need their protection — those who can’t or won’t be free.

Men are not equal and they never will be. Races (nations, bloodlines) are not equal. From Noah on down, nations cannot be equal in temperament, wisdom, ability nor integrity. And men — productive, fertile, skillful, wise and strong — are not equal to their female mates — males are natural lords over females, for provision, protection, wisdom and fertility; and that is a woman’s glory.

So this country — this nation — shed the slavery imposed by foreign powers. They rejected lies, self-evident lies, and became an odious nation of primitives in the eyes of the self-appointed elite of the world who are but slave-holders over the ignorant and cowardly and un-manly.

We survived. We became self-sufficient. We fed ourselves. We protected our women. Our men became men by providing for themselves, their women, their offspring and their servants. We owed no foreign government. We owed no banker. We did not bend our knee to any government, neither judges nor kings nor bankers nor bureaucrats. Our “dictator” was but a father of fathers, first among equals, but not Lord or King or Tyrant. He just freed the men to be men and the natural order emerged.

We had no police. Our elders — the Fathers of the land — formed our court — an informal court. Our “constitution” was the natural and organic constitution of relationships and respect. It was no paper document — it was honor and mastery and strength and wisdom and knowledge. It wasn’t a concept — it was the aether between lords and ladies, farms and families, land and blood and faith and sons and daughters. We became free.

We weren’t citizens. We were men. And we had glory then.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
Colorado Springs
16 December 2018

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