I’m not a conservative because conserving what is almost totally lost is no path to victory.
I’m not a conservative because the “conservative” movement accepts Christianity in passing, as in “Judeo-Christian values” are a good thing!
I’m not a conservative because it pretends to defend vague ideas of traditional values and limited government. And this is good — I’m not kicking anything back to them — it’s just not enough. They want the product of a Christian civilization without it’s roots.

I am a man who believes that the touchstone for what is true remains the writings of Moses, the Prophets and the Apostles. It is that body of literature that I look to for inspiration, direction and guidance. Others look to collections of books written by functional atheists (wearing a Cross and endorsing reverse entropy is not Christianity any more that two lesbian priestesses presiding over Communion).

Everyone is influenced (consciously or not) but some body of literature even if they can’t read, because they are being taught and influenced by someone (parents, teachers, the entertainment industry). Even an illiterate man who only listens to The Beatles will adopt a world view consistent with the songs he hears.

I am not God. No one on earth is omniscient no matter how well read and educated. Therefore, we only know in part and the part in which we think we know is so heavily conditioned by what we read and are taught that it is risible to argue that “I think for myself” or “I’m a skeptic.” It’s good to think for oneself and great to be a skeptic, but we remain dependent on profound assumptions with regard to how this world works.

As a Christian, I accept faith (presuppositions) as legitimate. The atheist, arrogant in the belief that he assumes nothing, presumes none-the-less, but is either blind to those presuppositions or is willing to be internally inconsistent with regard to matters accepted without proof (like reverse Entropy — Evolution).

I would live in a nation that embraces the Bible as the fundamental body of literature for that society. Once upon a time in America such was the case but no more as the atheists levered their acceptance into a position of dominance from which they now propagate a different religion from the universities and public schools.

Make no mistake, an Establishment of Religion is non-optional. There is no such thing as a thinking man nor a thinking institutions that does not have a system of beliefs. When those beliefs are taught authoratatively from pulpits then that is an establishment of a worldview-religion. The pulpits of the universities preach an established state religion of atheism (which is really Satanism — rebellion against God). I refused to accept the Established Religion of a Secular America. This is not worthy of conserving.

If we are to establish a Christian society, then it is fundamental that the established religion (as demonstrated by the belief systems propagated in public institutions of learning) be fundamentally inspired by the books found in the Bible.

The most important book in the Bible is the first book, written by Moses. This is called “Genesis.” If only the first eleven chapters of Genesis were taught, this would fundamentally transform our society. Layer that with the next four books (the Pentateuch) and that is better. Add the history of Israel, and Prophets, the Proverbs and Psalms, and that would be better yet. The capstone (which only makes sense once the previous books have been absorbed) would be the Gospels and Epistles. None of the books written in Greek make any sense without the guidance and foundation of the Hebrew writings.

All this is to say: we must own the educational foundation of the country. Every university must be captured. The Educational System is the tax payer funded and obligatory imposition of a religion (whether acknowledged or not). Good atheist intellectuals understand this — they know this is true. But their deceit remains powerful because the people have been lied to — they think a form a scientific (science just means knowledge) neutrality is possible. But when this science/knowledge presumes that life come from non-life, and that entropy works in reverse, that God is a figment of man’s imagination, that there is no right nor wrong (except when they demand it), then that’s their religious world view — it has nothing to do with knowledge nor neutrality.

In today’s America, THE controlling institution isn’t Congress (not by a long shot). It’s not even the Presidency. We focus on them because we are trained in the belief that voting matters and that our vote counts. And so we ignore the Judicial branch (the Courts) because we have no direct say in them.

Yet, vastly more important is an educational system that teaches atheism to generation after generation and for which we have no say whatsoever in the politics nor worldview of those systems.

This has to change.

If men refuse to touch the educational system as it stands today, we can never ever build a Christian nation. And we can never recapture the values revered by “Conservatives.” What is the body of literature revered by “conservatives?” If it doesn’t start with the Scriptures then I want nothing to do with it.

This isn’t a conservative idea. This is a Christian idea. I’m a Christian Nationalist — I want to build Christian Nations/Bloodlines.

It starts with what a nation teaches as truth to it’s descendants.

Part 2.

Why is Genesis important? It frames the questions of life. What is man? Where did he come from? What is his relationship with the Creator and with other men? What is right and wrong? What is Law? How should men related to each other? What is true?

Right now, the atheists control the answers to these questions: we are random products of time and chance, we came into being by inanimate forces cannot provide meaning and, frankly, contradict known science. In their world view, there is no creator nor right nor wrong and man’s relationship with each other have no structure. All these are lies.

According to Moses’ book:

Man is God’s greatest creation — he was made in His image.
Man is subservient to God — we are not His equal.
Man is judged by God — the Great Flood is evidence of this.
God have man a female as a companion to the male, Adam.
Mass urbanization (Babel) is evil — mankind should NOT be unified.
Work in the garden is good — working with one’s hands is good.
The father is the head of the basic social structure.
A Father of father’s are great men.
Right upholds this order; wrong upends this order.

There is very little in our educational systems the validates the truths of Genesis; if these truths (from the first eleven chapters of Genesis) are not the foundation of education, then evil is propagated.

Our establishments of religion (our universities) teach the opposite of Truth (as revealed in Genesis). How does it make any sense to keep Congress “conservative” when that’s not where society is controlled? The Propagation of Truth controls society and this, in America, is our educational institutions.

Now, how can this be done? Let’s talk about this.

1) Our current Professors (the priests and prophets of this secular order) could be fully converted to the Truth of the Scriptures and then begin to teach from that foundation. How likely is this?

2) Every university and public school must be stripped of public funding — then those paying tuition support them and/or private donors. The Golden Rule is followed (he who has the gold makes the rules).

3) Should the universities be defunded, we must make sure they are not rebuilt on the same atheistic foundations they exist upon today.

Educational institutions ARE establishments of religion. To pretend they are not is part of the sleight of hand that has deceived Americans.

In America today, the citizens (who are supposed to rule this country) have zero say in the content of education at the university and K-12 schools. A judge “determined” that Christianity is illegal; so in it’s place we have atheism.

Judges are religious leaders. So are professors and teachers (who are the priests and prophets and evangelists of this atheistic world order).

There can be no Christian nation without Christian educational institutions.

Now, one may ask (however naively) whether or not it is sufficient that one, or a few, Christian institutions suffice in an otherwise secular order. To those I would ask, “what difference has it make in America that there are many such institutions? Are we a more Christian nation for it?” And the answer is “no, of course not.”

The Pilgrims left England to flee the oppression of their religion. Amsterdam was a “tolerant” place and they initially settled there. They could teach and preach and worship as they wished. However, they were immersed in a rather un-Christian society and they watched their children depart rom the faith for the deceitfulness of the world. They, logically, said “we must create our own Christian Nation,” and so they departed to the wilderness of North America where the embarked on that great project of building a Christian nation.

Initially it worked. But then they too were deceived by Satan to “tolerate” ideas anathema to the Truth and we’ve slid downhill ever since such that the very ideas preached by the Pilgrims are functionally illegal in our country today (such enforcing heterosexual marriages an teaching Creation in schools).

The Lesson of this history is one of “no-compromise.” Tolerance of Satan is surrender to Satan. I wish it could be otherwise (because I’m not all that brave) but history teaches us that we have no such options. Rot is rot and it will infect the healthy parts when allowed to fester and grow. And that is the history of America.

If this sounds too “extreme” for a Conservative, well, then, I guess that’s why I’m not a Conservative. Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Fritz W. Berggren, Ph.D.
18 January 2019
Colorado Springs

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