Hate Speech is When Someone Calls You a “Racist.”

I can’t emphasize this enough. When someone calls you (or your ideas, or someone you agree with) a racist or a nazi or a fascits, that IS hate speech. They are dehumanizing you, and laying the moral argument for your destruction. Do you realize that?

When Congressmen and national level politicians call you, your ideas, or people you support “racist,” they are justifying violence against you. They will attack you By Any Means Necessary — slander is just the warm up.

Don’t ever try to justify your position. Never say “I am not a racist,” because when you do it validates their narrative — it says “I agree with you that no one should every be a racist” but THEIR definition of “racism” has nothing to do with whether or not someone dislikes otherly-pigmented-peoples. Nothing at all.

People are terrified of being called a racist. In that fact alone resides the power of the Accusers who freely slander political dissenters; calling people “nazi,” and “facsist, and “racist” are acts of hate speech — they are the haters.

Racism is a term used to delegitimize political positions and dehumanize humans; they call you racist if you oppose open borders, or support welfare reform. They call you Nazi if you oppose gay marriage. This is the active process of dehumanizing dissenters, and demonizing dissenting ideas.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that you can say “I’m not a racist;” you can never prove non-racism to their satisfaction unless 1) you are not white and/or 2) you join their political movement. Only then, maybe they won’t call you a racist to your face.

When White folks do what non-White folks do (like form identity groups), it is “racist. But when the Mexicans do (Mecha or La Raza) is is “people’s power!” When Abortionistas form abortion groups, they are “rights advocates” but when pro-Life groups organize, they are “nazi’s and misogynists.” When Blacks form Black Lives Matter groups, or a Congressional Black Caucus — they are organizing to protect civil rights. But when Whites do the same thing, well, you know what they are called.

Stop trying to placate them. It’s too late for that.

When they call you a nazi they are preparing their battlefield. Realize this for what it is — and realize that they are coming after you.

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