Only the Churches Can Turn Back the Tide

It’s obvious to informed observers that the Left has taken over the key institutions of the United States, and that it is only a matter of time that they consolidate power and suppress any and all dissent.   Dissent, to the Left, will mean any Christian or Church that dares proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and as the ONLY means of salvation.  I’ve written elsewhere about this.

What key institutions does the Satanist Left own?

  • The Universities.
  • The public schools.
  • The vast majority of the Media
  • The Tech companies that control what media can be published (Google/Youtube, Twitter, Facebook)
  • The Courts.
  • Both political parties, really.
  • They make increasing inroads onto the banking centers, controlling which companies can receive payments via credit cards.
  • The traditional Republican and/or Conservative movements in the United State have been exposed as the essential validation of the Left — they have so very graciously surrendered every step of the way they have validated the Left’s gains as the natural outcome of a legitimate constitution order.

There is a new Right rising, quite disorganized, that is willing to give voice to the common sense of millions of Americans, but they own zero institutions.  They are a disorganized collection of individual voices and and a few small publication firms who, should they gain enough traction and followers, are de-platformed by the Google/Facebook/Twitter/Paypal/YouTube cabal.

And some of them, rightly I think, criticize the form of Christianity they are familiar with as part and parcel of the problem.  It’s hard for me to disagree with them — the Church, too, seems to be subverted by the religion of the world.

This is one major group with a potentially huge and decisive power in this battle: the American Christian Churches.   But they are silent, now. And their silence before Satan’s evangelists is not impressive.  A few churches are active and passionate about battle we are currently engaged in, but they are far to small and independent.

To change the future of this conflict the churches must be awakened. They need to know that  the Christian faith is fundamentally threatened by the takeover of American institutions by the Satanist Left (any institution that denounces the legitimacy of the Scriptures as the guide to all of life and and renounces the Lordship of Jesus Christ is Satanist).

But they seem pleased with their comfort and horrified that they may have to choose a side.  The problems with them are many:

1) Bad Theology:

  • They hope for “the rapture.”  Escapism avoids battle.  It is hard to fight.  It is easy to die.
  •  They have no vision or understanding of building Christian Nation-States.  This is largely because they have abandoned the Hebrew Scriptures for the Greek and focus on an extreme individualism in which God meet’s one’s individual needs and saves one individual person at a time: a “personal” faith in Jesus Christ. 
  • God calls for the discipling of entire nations, not just a few individuals from each blood line, but this message is not preached in churches.

2)  Cowardice, justified by bad theology above.  Satan loves churches that are focused on the “spiritual” needs of people, minimally defined. I listened to a church service recently as a female singer praised God that America was still a free country.  And I’m sure it seemed like it was to her in that no one bothered her singing in a private building on a Sunday morning.   So many preachers — entire denominations — pride themselves on “staying away from politics.”

Meanwhile on Mondays that singer sends her child to a state school (an establishment of religion) that has outlawed the God she worships and places LGBTQ propaganda in front of the children’s eyes every day.  This is evil — it is institutional child abuse.  But she seems oblivious to this, or is aware and it justifies her sense that The End is near and she welcomes it passively

I would remind preachers that the Prophets and Jesus Christ were not killed because of their spiritual insight, but because they challenged the assumptions that formed the power basis of the political elite.   Either Jesus Christ is Lord of All, or He is not Lord at all.  There can be no sycretism, there can be no alliance between the Word of God and the writings of the prophets of the devil.  

And this speaks nothing of the Churches on the Left who marry homosexuals and essentially carry the water for Satanists.  

So how does one wake up the Churches?

One speaks up.  One writes.  

There are tens of millions of Christians organized  in their local congregations with established leadership and means of communication and organized action.  If we can wake up the pastors and show them the light of Scripture, then a fair portion of them, one hopes, would rally to the challenges that are already  upon this nation, and every nation.

In Blood and Faith,

 Fritz Berggren
2 July 2019

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