Building Christian Nation-States

A long long time ago I had a history professor lecture on the difference between a nation and a state.  And it was utterly lost on me.  I never got it, until I understood the Word of God (Theo-logy) better.

Nation is from the same root word as Natal.  As in pre-natal and post-natal. It is founded upon the idea of birth, or a blood line form a common ancestor.  Thus, the nation/bloodline of Israel is, literally, those birthed from the loins of Jacob, renamed Israel.

A state, on the the other hand, is a governing mechanism which a bloodline (nation) may use to protect itself and organize it’s affairs. It’s laws and organization.

A Nation-State is bounded by borders and time: Acts 17:26, and the boundaries laid out in the Hebrew Scriptures.

“Civic nationalism” is a contradiction in terms — it is Satan’s attempt to deceive men into a return to Babel, where all blood lines were mixed under one state.   Babel is Satan’s private empire — and it remains his project today.

There is nothing morally superior about mixing bloodlines nor forcing them to be governed under one state.  But Satan (and his disciples on the Left) preach a different gospel and proclaim, as a matter of faith, not of the Word of God, and certainly not of any historical case, that “diversity is our strength!”  This is another lie, like Evolution (which is the belief that entropy works in reverse).

So the goal of “Building Christian Nation-States” is a recognition that God’s order on earth in history is that the bloodlines (nations) have their own boundaries and times, and yet, by the grace of God, discover the order he has proclaimed (the Ten Commandments) under which a nation/bloodline may govern itself.

This isn’t complicated.  It isn’t difficult.

What is difficult is realizing that Satan’s offer of neutrality and equality is but a ploy to bring all the nations under his dominion — a return to Babel.

Racination — the rooting of peoples in language, history, culture, blood, faith, and land, is a natural resistance — anti-bodies — to the cultural bleaching and blending of mankind in order that the Deceiver may rule.

All appeals to patriotism — to one’s common father and bloodline — is a resistance to the disease of a global despotism that has nearly captured us all.

So, by blood and faith, we must cling to the natural racination God has provided to us as protection — and adopt an order of morality (the Ten Commandments) under which the Almighty has promised blessings to all peoples/bloodlines/nations.

The Ten Commandments are not rules of individual behavior — they are a corporate law for a corporate people (a bloodline, a nation).  Moses delivered them to a nation (the people of Israel) and as a nation they accepted them corporately.    And Israel (the nation) is an example for all the other nations.  

But the blending of nations is not a goal to be sought.

Nor is a return to Babel.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
2 July 2019

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