Diversity and Reality: the Non-Viability of Forced Integration

The stark failure of economic Marxism— classical Marxism — in the Soviet Union and China is universally recognized.   There just aren’t many classical Marxists left who want a society that looks like the old USSR nor China under Mao — it just didn’t work.

People woke up.  Nobody that is productive wants to share their wealth with the unproductive. And if they are forced to, history proves that they join the unproductive and nothing works at all.   

The abolition of private property is against human nature and that is OK.

  It used to be, in the earlier days of the USSR, that anyone whispering such heresy would be hauled off to a re-education center to rot for a few years.  They would be stripped of privileges (everything is a privilege in a totalitarian society, even the right to eat and breathe), lose their job, education, home, children and off they would go as someone truly the enemy of humanity, deplorable people, non-citizens.

Flag of London

Flag of London

In 2019 the totalitarian impulse strives not for forced sharing of property, rather it is a forced belief that “we are all equal,” and “diversity is good,” and “we must integrate.”  And a lot of people, perhaps most, don’t even question this, just like most Russians didn’t question Marxism in 1950. For to question is to become a heretic, a deplorable, a non-citizen and to risk assault and the loss of ones education and livelihood.

Yet this moral demand for integration/diversity is as unnatural and unsustainable as the demand for the abolition of private property.  It is truly inhuman.

So let me confess my sins, Comrade.

I don’t have any black friends. I don’t hang out with homosexuals.  I am not of a “community of faith” person that perceives Muslims as the worshippers of the same God.  And I think changing from a male to a female is as ridiculous as changing an XY chromosome into an XX chromosome.  (Who thinks that?!).

In short, to the extent that I have friends, they tend to be like me —  middle aged fathers, Christian, employed and heterosexual.  I don’t hang out with billionaires nor paupers.   And I have zero desire to “become more inclusive” in order to please some cult leader.

Life is short.  Trust is hard to come by.  There is a built-in trust factor that occurs naturally among similar people.  Not always, but your chances of peaceful cooperation (which is required for group survival) goes up with there is strong in-group trust.


But I don’t have time to waste time with wasting time.  My life project is to re-produce myself in my offspring; it is my fundamental motivation.  She can’t help me.  And I can’t help her.

I work for an employer who insists, religiously, that “diversity is our strength!”  It is a religious slogan.  It’s like the Muslim who says Allah Akbar or the Christin to says “He is Risen” on Easter Sunday.  Even if you don’t really believe it, it’s heresy not to say it. Folks who believe this insist on open borders, forced integration of schools and neighborhoods, “inter-faith” coalitions, co-education, special months for non-Whites.  I

Diversity has become the  secularist’s imperative, like evangelism is  for the Christian or jihad to the Muslim.  One must! 

But this is just another part of the Big Lie.  Force integration doesn’t yield diversity, it yields strife, sterility, consistency and death.   Forcing human integration and diversity has the goal of turning human units into a perfect tofu — perfectly tasteless and powerless except as the masters wish to flavor us: pick a unit, dip him/her/it into some sauce, and there you go!  Fit for the task!  

True diversity — separation of kinds into self-sustaining and re-productively viable populations in their own native habitat —  is actually the enemy of the current social religion.  

Imagine a zoo.  Lots of animals. And some bright star comes along and  demands integration.  The the lions are housed with the chimpanzees and the elephants with the the rhinoceros, and the the flamingos with the falcons.  The zebras are with the cheetahs and the gazelles with baboons and tigers.  The result is death, not diversity.

Bright Star says, “no, we can fix that!  We defang and declaw all the big cats.  And we give them a special diet the reduces their urges to hunt and mate and dominate.  We make them safe for each other!” he  says.  

In fifty years the animals don’t breed.  They die of boredom and insanity. 

You have heard the environmentalists lecture piously on the need for “biodiversity, without which we may all perish,” and that the extinction of one more species is a step closer to the extinction of all.

Let’s accept that precept.  

How is bio-diversity and the “survival of species’ promoted?  By having healthy “sustainable” populations in their own habitat free of encroachment, pollutions, and unnatural threats.  They have to be large enough to form a resilient breeding base.     

And so too with humans.  

Are no Europeans a unique and special human kind?  Europeans are the smallest of the major continental populations.  They are truly unique a fraction of the world’s population.  It is estimated that they will be only 10% of the word’s population ashy 2060 and shrinking.

“That doesn’t matter,” says the college professor/religious fanatic,  “we are all human!”

If that logic holds, then why the fuss of losing a few polar bears from global warming?  There are millions of other bears.  Why all the fuss of the loss of the carrier pigeon? We have too many pigeons anyway.  Why the fuss over the loss of wild Chinook salmon in the North Pacific? We can farm Atlantic salmon.   Why the fuss over whales— there are lots of cetaceans out there.  Why the concerted effort to bring back sage grouse in the American west? There are millions of blue and ruffed grouse all over North America and we can keep a few in the zoo.

 But nobody talks that way.  Preserving the spotted own was so important that we shut down an entire industry in the Pacific Northwest.  There are millions of owls, just not the “spotted owl.”  And billions of salamanders, but not “that” salamander sub-species which again caused an entire industry to implode.

People need to listen to reason and stop listening to their cult leaders (university professors). 

It is as unnatural to mix peoples as it is to mix animals — we all need our own biosphere to properly re-produce and preserve the uniqueness of our extended family.  No one even questions this when it comes to animals — no one suggests we can sacrifice polar bears because, well, it’s just the same as a black bear.   

It is as unnatural to demand that lions and tigers mix  as it is to expect the Finn to welcome with open arms the pygmy.  Not even the Australians can make this work.  To expect a Swedish woman (those silly Swedes!) to accept the Somali Muslim man into her society is as foolish as expecting chickens to welcome in the fox.  But it’s much worse than silly.

It is not a stretch of the rational mind to reject the force-fed demand for “integration.”  But like members of a cult, people just can’t see what should be  obvious, as the religious leaders (university professors) demand that their religious dogma be not only obeyed, but fervently believed!

The same people that demand diversity and integration in the US and Europe are the same people who, twenty years ago, demanded that we stop  integrating “third world cultures” into the global capitalist market system.  Where are their voices now?  Where are those who would protect an “indigenous people” from a MacDonalds when they, today, demand a Scandinavian community (like Minnesota or Sweden) embrace with open arms Pakistani Muslims?  

The hippy runs to the mountains of Nepal or El Salvador to find “authentic” peoples, and yet rails against an authentic Eurpean culture and demands it’s destruction through forced integration.   

The urban hipster moralizes about “gentrification” of black neighborhoods — of the evil of it! — while self-righteously demanding that whits surrender their entire societies to whomever would come it as long as they reject that tradition White and Christian society.

Forced integration destroys viable human diversity and is as insane and inhuman as the demand in 1930 for a “new soviet man. ” 

I would like to just clap my hands and get people to wake up from their delusions.  I think someday they will, but we are not there yet.  But when we do it will be worse than the collapse of communism.  The Whites who have been told to un-Tribe (while the non-Whites are encouraged to strengthen their distinction racial identity) will one day wake up.  And they will have to fight, literally, for their existence, if they are to survive.

What would motivate a man to die for his offspring and tribe? A deep an abiding belief in his own tribe and bloodline, values that are validated by the Book of Books.  We live on through our descendants — we have meaning and glory before our King when we sacrifice now for the future generations.  That is not an atheistic idea — that is a Christian belief.  

Divine inspiration is our claws and fangs and spirit.   A Man — a Lion — will reject the cult leader who speaks down to him, and tells him to step aside for the warthog and zebra.  

What are the plains of African without the roar of a lion?  What is Europe without the Viking and Scotsman and descendant of Charlemagne? 

Less. Much less.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
23 October 2019

PS: I hope you notice the flags. The Europeans adopted the Christian Cross as their symbol. This cross is not a symbol of surrender of pious self-abnegation. It is a symbol of defiance. It is a symbol that says, “Bring it! Death, we defy you!”  As our King rose from the dead, so we too will rise from the dead and live forever. That cross is empty. We win. Satan loses.

PSS: Christians, the global blender of diversity and integration is Satanic — it de-humanizes and destroys the image of God.
1) God’s person intervention to force human diversity/separation at Babel; God imposed geographic and culture division by causing them to speak distinct languages.  These languages were not parceled out willy-nilly, they followed bloodlines. Thus the sons of Eber came to speak Eber-ew — Hebrew.
2)Daniel prophesied of the resurrection of  the spirit Babel but said that it will fail. (Daniel 2:4o-43)
3) The Greek Scriptures support that God Almighty departed the bloodlines by boundaries (Acts 17:26).
4) Jesus Christ respected and recognize the difference in bloodlines both when talking to the Samaritan women and telling of the coming judgement of nations who would be separated by bloodlines (the sheep and the goats are different bloodlines).



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