It Is Not About Guns

It wouldn’t be right to leave 2019 behind without reflecting upon where we have been and where we are going.

Lets talk about Viriginia, where Governor Ralphie wants to ban any effective firearms.  And the folks are all “up on arms” about it,  with 90% of their counties becoming “Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties.”

One one hand, good move! It is about time. The Left has already seceded from obeying federal laws on illegal immigration and illegal drugs.  It is aboutout time the Right has done the same.

On the other hand, the Left is patient.  They know the frog is cooking and they’ll wait a couple more election cycles as they continue to pack the voting rolls with more illegals and continue to undermine all of what used to be common sense in the public schools.Virginians

But folks in Virginia are paying attention.  

They, like me, finally are realizing that there is no point at which the Left will be satisfied until Christianity and White people and the Bill of Rights rights are wiped out in this country.


Believe me when I say this — I was the Number One Guy to Get Along.  

I voted to Clinton long ago.  I worked in the Libertarian party as a “third way” to get along. 

I’ve been part of every “diverse” church and social group you can imagine.

 And then a magical day arrived when I was liberated by my captors, when I was set free by a Leftist who overplayed her hand.   A U.S. Diplomat called me a Nazi to my face in my own home.  She did this because I sought to find an amicable co-existence with Arizona’s laws that allowed local cops to follow the same policy as federal cops on checking immigration status.  Oh, no. Not good enough. Nazi I was.

And I turned to my wife (at least in my head) and said, “I’m done. No more. I will never again try to make these people happy because there is no point at which they will be satisfied with my attempts to meet them half way.”

And I’ve self-liberated ever since.

And that’s what’s going on now with  millions of Virginians.  They realize this isn’t just about guns. Its about teaching queer agendas in public schools. It’s about shutting down free speech for anyone to the right of BHO (the former President). It’s about forcing people out of their jobs and education and business if they don’t support a “progressive” agenda.  It’a about resisting a totalitarian Left.

We are done.  We don’t want to live that way any more.   It is like the abused spouse who agrees to keep silent after just one last beating hoping their partner will realize how nice they are.

The Left  beat us for the last time.  And the Left doesn’t realize is that payback is going to be a real “B-word.”  We won’t have any more tolerance for you than you have had for us over the last half a dozen generations.  

And I have zero expectation that my “colleagues” on the Left will wake up and decide to get along.

We are angry because:

  • You teach our boys —  my boys — that’s it’s OK to cut off their penis and become a woman.
  • You claim trans-genderism is “scientific” but are incapable or showing how an XY chromosome becomes XX.
  • You claim freedom of speech to burn the American flag and jail a man for 16 years for burning a rainbow flag.  
  • You claim the First Amendment for your lies and poisons  and yet cheer when folks like me are de-platformed, banned and filtered from the internet.
  • You fill our country with people entirely aliens to the values and mores that made this country great and called us hateful names when we object.
  • You claim to be ‘against hate’ yet you support organizations whose business it is to tell everyone who to hate — the ADL, SPLC, and the list goes on.
  • You worship the right to dismember live babies and call us oppressors when we dare to speak out.
  • You have changed every law that we passed through the courts or filling the voting rolls with people foreign to our values.
  • You have shunned Christianity — indeed made it illegal — in the universities and in all our public institutions.
  • You deny that a man is a man and a woman is a woman and you tell is to shut up a get with your program.  
  • Our daughters are raped — for years — and you keep silent because it is the rich and powerful (you!) who are guilty.  Epstein did not kill himself.

And we have have kept silent and been so docile.  You lied to us. You betrayed us. You told us that we were guilty of crimes and sins that you invented and didn’t come from our Scriptures.

  But we woke up.  And like a betrayed spouse, we are on fire.  We are beyond angry.  You should really be afraid.   

And as I say this the Left and many Christians Pastors will rail against my ‘intolerance and a spirit of division.’

We have listened to your lies for too many generations.  It’s only “division and intolerance” if you don’t get our way.  We have been foolish — so foolish — to listen to you.

Now you wage Legal and Political war  to remove a President whose singular great crime was to speak for the people who voted for him; Trump’s crime is to deny the Left total victory over every part of our lives.

I should have seen the signs earlier in my life.  But I wanted to believe.

 I wanted to get along. I wanted to do my part to find a way in a great compromise to live in peace together. I wanted to turn aside from my own ways and opinions in order to accommodate others — to accept a humility of not demanding my own way.

I could have realized when I was screamed at over a table in a graduate seminar that I was a “racist, Nazi, homophobic misogynist!”  

My sin? I opined; as graduate student are supposed to do. But I opined in the wrong direction. I suggested — seriously — that the word ‘Ma’am’ could be used with respect and dignity toward the female sex.  The other other students kept silent or smirked — as I was humiliated.  The Professor said not a word as her spittle flew across the table and landed in my face.  

Where did I ever think people could have divergent opinions and still get along?  I was taught that they could in our public schools and universities.   But it turns out that only one side (my side) is expected to compromise.

It wasn’t until years later, as I hosted a party in my own home that I was humiliated in front of my wife by being called a “Nazi racist” by someone holding a glass of wine that I had given to her.  I will never forget that. 

 I was thick skulled and dumb.   I was slow on the uptake. I was so wed to my idea — so firmly held — that we really all could get along if we all just compromised a little.

But I find myself now, in the later years of my life, realizing how much I compromised and how much they have gained.  And I have to answer to my children for that. And my God on the Judgement Day.

I lost my own honor for keeping silent and seeking a  comfortable way out of our inimitable political battles.  

But all that stopped that day my ideas (and what am I,  if not the sum of my own convictions and beliefs?) were called the most evil word (Racist) in America — the unforgivable sin in America.

I was done that day, almost a decade ago, now.  I did not come to my current opinions in a moment of sudden revelation.  Rather,  it came over time as my goal became Truth instead of  Getting Along.  And Truth is only in His Word. 

Now my ideas (I, Fritz Berggren, am my ideas) have become their worst nightmare. I would someday like to meet those persons again and thank them for setting me free.  And I think the Virginians should thank Governor Ralphie for their own wake-up call.  

Now you know that it isn’t about your gun —  it’s about your boys and your girls. And your wives. And your property and everything that happens between your ears.  It’s about what you think and what you pray and what you read and believe and do.   It’s about everything, and they want it all.

Find those leaders who deceived you.  Reject them.  They are, in order of importance:

  • Pastors who can’t make that hard decision to be rejected by the world as a “intolerant.”
  • Professors, who have become the Prophets of Baal.
  • Teachers in you public schools who were taught by the false prophets.
  • The Judges and Prosecutors who promoted the evil.
  • And your acquaintances who, knowing the truth, still side with the Enemy.

Separate from those whom you cannot agree with.  Others, higher up the chain, will need more special attention.  You will figure out what do do when the time is right.

But realize this — they aren’t your friends. They don’t want good things for you.  They don’t accept you as equals — please listen to Michael Moore on this.  You are un-People in their mind.  This isn’t going to end well no matter what choice we make.

But make this choice. Refuse to go quietly.  Refuse to be silent. Refuse to be obedient even into your own death.  

I’m not asking much from you.  Just be men, again, like your Ancestors were.  Once this ball starts rolling it won’t stop until it’s all over.   Today decide which side you are on.  Sitting it out was never an option.

And remember, God hates cowards.  

Fritz Berggren, PhD
27 December 2019

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