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CybertextIt occurred to me a number of years ago that the the United States was dividing, not just drifting further to the Left.  This happened when millions of Americans woke up and realized that their “conservative” leaders where just  yesterday’s Democrats.  And they revolted.  That’s my analysis anyway.

I have watched a dissident Right emerge in opposition to a radicalized Left.   

For the Left, welfare programs just weren’t enough.  And even as the Clintons opposed homosexual marriage in the 1990s, in 2020 castration and sex reassignment are all the rage.  On children. 

Democrats — not that long ago — supported strong borders.  Now, to support any kind of border  invites all manner of demagoguery usually centered around calling someone an academically acceptable epithet.  

So I came up with a few sites that exemplified the dissident Right and the radicalized Left.  I threw in some “Prepper” sites run by the governments to show that preparing for bad times is actually encouraged by your officials, not just an idea from whackos on the Right.

I keep a running quote on the side of the home page because I think it exposes the use of the epithets for what they are — guilt manipulation, browbeating, and dehumanization.   The greatest rebellion of this age is the rejection of those terms by millions of men and women of European origins (AKA white folk).   This is the first step in freedom — breaking those shackles of self loathing. 

And I run some headlines of articles that interest me.

I’m an older guy.  I’m a writer not a fighter.  The Left fears good ideas.   They hate anyone who dares  disagree.  And so they call us all kinds of nasty names and get their web sites black-listed by the government, or kicked off Youtube.  They are against “hate speech” but they are truly the emitters of hate and intolerance.  They can’t stand a good argument — when faced with one they break down in hysterics and emotion. When that doesn’t work they turn to violence.  

I’m reminded of Rosa Parks, that Black woman who caused such a ruckus in the 1950s when she refused to move to the back of a privately owned bus.  Every six grader knows her story — she’s a patron saint to the Left.  But you wanna know what?   If she didn’t like the rules on the bus, she could have walked.   Or taken a cab.  Or built her on bus company.  I say this tongue-in-cheek, because that is the response The Right gets when we complain about getting de-platformed. 

If it is true that private companies can make their own rules, then the entire Civil Rights movement should apologize for imposing her now narrow minded morality on a private company. I mean, the Montgomery Bus Company never kicked Rosa Parks off the bus — they just asked her to sit in a certain section.  The Dissident Right doesn’t get that respect — they are shut down by blogs, by Twitter, by Youtube, buried by Google, and have their bank accounts closed.

 I have a duty to speak where other’s do not.  I know to much. I’ve seen to much. I have too much insight to remain quiet.  I’ll steal an old homosexual slogan: “Silence Equals Death.”   (They were talking about AIDS, I believe, but in the context of that sexual deviancy).  If sexual deviants can “parade,” then by God I will write.

And I have children.  Every father owes leadership to their children, and the example of bravery in the face of opposition.  I have not been very braze, I’ll admit, but I can write. And I will put my name on it.

Our forefathers declared rebellion against the King’s tyranny  by writing their names on a parchment and posted it.

Paul, an Apostle declared boldly, “I Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ.”  He did not post anonymously.  So nor will I.

I write so that one more mind may find freedom.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
19 January 2020

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