Rejecting the “Precepts of Men,” Raising Christian Nations

I have written elsewhere on the mutual loathing between Jesus Christ and John the Baptist on the one hand, and the Jews on the other.

In summary, both John and Jesus called the Jews the children of Satan — “you brood of vipers!” — and warned them that they would go to hell — “who warned you to flee the wrath to come!” said John.

And they both said that the Jews would be replaced.  John said that God was able to raise up from the rocks children to Abraham. And Jesus called Peter “the rock.”  This is not a coincidence.

It is no coincidence that Jesus came out of “Galilee of the Gentiles,” who were mostly European.  It is no coincidence that the Europeans ruled over Judea in those days. It is no coincidence that the language of the Holy Scripture after Christ’s Resurrection was a European tongue. It is no coincidence that Europeans (the Greeks and Romans) sought out Jesus Christ during his life.

The Jews hated Jesus Christ.  They knew he came to take away their nation. Jesus Christ told them he came to take the vineyard from them and give it to another race.   The Gospel was preached to all the nations, but it was the  European sons of Japeth alone that clung to the Gospel and built their cultures on faith in Jesus Christ.  This is why Europe was called “Christendom.”

Long before Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, the Jews had already abandoned the God of their Fathers.  They forsook Him — their Creator.  They rejected Him.  Centuries before Christ they forced their children to memorize the “traditions of the elders;” this became the Talmud.  A couple of centuries after Christ they wrote down those “traditions,” and they remain in written form — the Talmud is their holy book.

It was this Talmud  — the precepts of the elders — that Jesus Christ rejected.

It must be made clear: Christianity is not an outgrowth of Judaism. Judaism was a rejection of Moses and what he wrote — Christ make this clear. “If you had believed Moses words, you would have believed in Me.”

Christianity is not an offshoot of Judaism.   John the Baptist and Jesus Christ completely rejected Judaism.  Jesus Christ himself said told the Jewish leaders,  “you are of your father the devil.”

There is no way to just “get along.”  Jesus Christ is the Rock of offense.

It is saddening to see the Church bending over backwards not to offend Satan’s children. And not just with the issues of Sodomy, or women in positions of leadership, or live human child sacrifice (Abortion), but also in making nice with those who murdered Jesus Christ.

There is perpetual enmity between the seed of the Serpent and the seed of the woman (Jesus Christ, and those born again of Him).   This began at the Fall, in Genesis 3:15.

So when I hear Christians talk about a “Judeo-Christian heritage,” I shudder.
This is so wrong.

The Church, like Eve, is being seduced by that Snake again.  “Don’t worry, it’s all fine, nothing bad will happen, we just all want to get along,” soothes the Deceiver.

A class of Christians have become Jew worshippers by calling them God’s Chosen people.  Since when are people who reject Jesus Christ God’s chosen people?

How is it, Christian, that you can honor those whom Jesus Christ clearly called the sons of Satan?  Go back and read the Gospels — there is just too much there to even begin to pick out for such a short article like this.

If you don’t have time to, read this and this.

Traditions of The Elders

Unfortunately the Church spends too much time “trying to get along,” rather that saying the Truth.  We would rather offend the Word of God that offend those who hate Jesus Christ, be they Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Homosexual, or worshippers of Moloch (those who worshipped Moloch took human babies and burnt them alive on an altar to Moloch; we continue that practice).

The problem isn’t the World — the problem is us, the Church.

The Church has to believe first before the world will ever believe; we have wandered from the faith like the Jews did — we worship the traditions of the Elders (“do not be racist, do not be sexist, do not be homophobic, do not be Islamophobic, do not be intolerant, do not offend people in protected categories”).  The church as  bought into this false religion hook, line and sinker.

And like the Jews of Christ’s time, we think we are God’s people and we think we are righteous because we follow the traditions of men, but we really have abandoned the Word of God in favor of the precepts of the Elders.

And so I say to us: “How shall we avoid hell?”  We, like Judas (which signifies the Jews) betrayed Jesus Christ — the Word of God — for some man-made precepts, some traditions invented by atheistic university professors.

Time to rally, Church.  Time to rip off our blinders. Time to ride the tiger.    This is a time of great adventure and boldness.

The houses built on sand will continue to collapse as the floods keep coming.  As that happens, we shall build Christian nation-states that offend the brood of the viper, those children of Satan.  And if we are not offending them, then we must be doing something wrong.

Seek no common ground with those who would again crucify our Lord.  We did that in the past, and look how utterly corrupt our nations became.  God warned the Children of Israel to make no peace with the heathen nations, for they would be utterly led astray.

Yes, they will hate us for this.  Utterly.  And they will try to kill us for this.   But that’s OK.  This is a great time to be alive!

In great faith of our coming Victory — building  Christian Nation/States,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
2 May 2020

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