What Must We Do — Join the Resistance !

Rightful government is the Father of a family who provides, protects, and guides. It has been the atheistic states’ agenda to strip Fathers of the ability and right to guide, protect, and provide. They took our land with industrial agriculture and the usury of banks and global markets. The took our ability to protect when they created police forces that have a monopoly on force. They took our ability to guide when they forced our children into schools over which we have zero influence and no control. No one asked our permission when they made Prayer and the Ten Commandments illegal in the very schools we paid for.

Without Fathers, all else does not matter. It has been the Atheistic state’s agenda in the West to eliminate all competition for power and there is no more potent force than a Patriarch. It is bands of Patriarchs that form government for communities. And so on up to larger group of Fathers until there is nothing in common for which to band together.

There is nothing in common between White Christian Fathers and Somali Muslims in Detroit. That is not a nation. Allegiance to a name (the United States) is not a foundation for united people. A Nations is, literally, a blood line. Nation shares the same root word as pre-Natal and Post-Natal. It is about blood and a common past (a Father) and a common faith.

There are too many ideas of what American ought to be and it has become impossible to unify them naturally. So force is to be imposed to coerce us into something unnatural, an abomination.

I am a Christian White Man. I have nothing in common with an atheistic man-hating lesbian. I having nothing in common with a Black Man convinced that I am the source of the misery in his life. I have nothing in common with Marxist professors or their acolytes insisting that I raise a fist to denounce my own ancestors. I have nothing in common with recent immigrants from Asia who worship Satan disguised as “Allah” and who respect the writings of Mohammed.

That is not a nation. That is an empire of disparate nations over which a government — a tyranny — seeks to rule. It is no less than the erection of a new Babylon where king Nebuchadnezzar demands that all would bow down and worship a false icon in the name of creating mass obedience to The Tyrant.

I shall not bend the knee.

We have been told that we are all one — one people, one set of Americans under many gods of many skin colors, beliefs, sexual orientations, and identities. That lie that worked for a while. But now that the Left has gained institutional power the illusion of tolerance and acceptance, like fog on a sunny day, is quickly evaporating.

There is nothing “tolerant” or diverse about their drive to abolish “whiteness.” They fight to eliminate our White heritage. They call all white people “racist” and “Nazi,” which are unforgivable sins demanding NO LESS than a death sentence. (And they called the Puritans intolerant — what hypocrites these Leftists are.)

And to prove the point that this is a giant cult, you have White people cheering for the
death of White people. This is insanity on a mass scale — and we’ve seen this before in

communist revolutions — Leftist revolutions — going back to the French Revolution when the atheists from Paris went out into the French countryside and slaughtered Frenchmen for the crime of being French and Christian.

Ditto in the Russian Revolution. Chinese Revolution. Cambodia under Pol Pot. It’s our turn in the United States — the Left loves blood — they crave blood. They will slaughter White Christians when and were they can. To think otherwise is an act of self deception that will ensure your own demise. They demand you surrender your Whiteness and your Christianity. Or you will be killed. I can make this no clearer.

But built into the plans of the enemy are fault lines. Americans are self-segregating NOT from the demands of the Right — but from the push by the Left. Folks can’t leave New York City, LA, San Francisco or Seattle fast enough. And it isn’t the poor blacks moving to North Idaho or Florida. White’s are escaping if they can.

That White couple from Saint Louis — long time Democrats — may have had a moment of clarity. It simply doesn’t matter if you are “with them,” they will eat you when they get a chance.

Seattle and Portland have been, for generations, bastions of the Progressive Left and that is where the fires are burning. It’s never enough. There is no point at which they will are satisfied until they consummate their totalitarian drive with heads on pikes and cities burning.

Stop apologizing. Stop living in fear. Terrify your adversaries with your boldness. It will feel so much better than living in fear of “offending” those who hate you anyway.

Build families. Be a patriarch. Associate with those whom you can call brothers. Reject the Judaizers who impose silly little moralities on you that are no more than the traditions of men. Resist the little monarchs who tell you which laws and rules to obey — they are the Pharisees and Scribes and Saducees of today. If if you have a Preacher who waves a rainbow flag then drive him/her/it out of town before it drives you back underground where you’ve been living for generations.

This isn’t about “tolerance.”  Tolerance was always a lie — it was always a rhetorical lever to seduce you into silence and weakness until the Left took over. And they have. And now, do they have any tolerance for you? For White people and white culture and Patriarchy and land and faith and the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ? No, none.

And they have even less tolerance for non-Whites that contradict their the Leftist plantation owners.

They burn cities, and the media and mayors and governors and both political parties make excuses for them. But when two White people stand on their own property, armed, who goes to jail? The harmless white people.

They hate you and have no tolerance for you. Either we band together was as White people
and proud Christians or they destroy us two by two.

I am not seeking racial unity here. They have destroyed that. Once upon a time all races in America could be “one people under God.” Now Whites and Christians are “racists” and “Nazis.” The Left destroyed the narrative un Unity — they have levered racial division and now prize the destruction of Whites and Christians over every other goal.

I will not try to rebuild what could never have been sustained in the firth place. Babel — that ancient tower — was destroyed by God. Shall I try to rebuild what God destroyed? What God has divided, can I unite?


Mexicans ought band with Mexicans. Catholic and Christian Mexicans can build something wonderful — but not by adopting the mores and means of the anti-Christ left. Tradition, Patriarchy, The Land, The Church, Faith — these are all anti-bodies that resist the modern Borg of Anti-Christ tyranny. They ought band together and re-take their land from the Globalists, the technocrats, the Usurer, and the drugs cartels. And from the Pedophile priests who owe more allegiance to Satan and the false rainbow god than to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ created the different races and nations and languages.

White Christians and Mexican Catholics have much in common — both are hated by the atheism and equality of the French Revolution — ideas which dominate our world today.

It doesn’t mean Whites and Mexicans cannot mix. (Mexicans themselves are a mix of European and Indio. Mestizos.) But it doesn’t mean they must either. There is no moral high ground for peoples that mix. None at all. In the end, on the scale of millions, it doesn’t work. Racial, ethnic, and linguistic divisions are a beautiful
feature humanity, not something to be eliminated.

And it doesn’t work in the long run. There are little devils who will always exploit the difference for the own benefit. Those who perceive themselves on the losing end of the division will demand “equality” and the right to have what the other group has. But a right is but a duty imposed on others — rights are not self-supporting. In the end, those demanding equality are rebels against the 10th Commandment — “thou shalt not covet.”

Global unity did not work at Babel. It doesn’t work in Europe or American today. And it does’t work in the toes of the statue Nebuchadnezzar beheld in his dream, toes of iron mixed with clay — something that cannot mix no matter the effort put into it.

It doesn’t work in Nigeria, where hundred of tribes split the nation and where Islam wars against Christianity. That is not a nation — it is an abomination. Let each nation and tribe go their own way. That is freedom. That is liberty. Let Christians have a Christian lands just as Muslims have muslim lands. Let Mexicans have their place just as the Japanese have theirs. And for God’s sake, let White people have their own places, too, just like the Jews do. Why is white nationalism a sin when Jewish nationalism and Mexican nationalism and Arab national Native American nationalism are all held in honor and respect?

The anti-Christs — of which there are many — suborn humanity for a global tyranny of usury, debt slavery, imposed ideology, global markets and forced submission to a false god of unity — the New Babylon.

I am asking you to join the Resistance. Jesus Christ is the Leader of the Resistance. He believes in your people — your race — and will back you if you bend the knee to him. Either bend the knee to the Rightful King or be a slave fo the Global Borg and the evil master behind the curtain. There is no third way.

. . . .

My God rose from the dead — He is a Lion.
He expects his sons the be lions.
Stop apologizing to those he hate you.
Learn to roar again.

In Blood and Faith,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
12 September 2020