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The problem with the Left’s success is that they are no longer the underdog — the small guy fighting for the small guy.  They are the elite.  They are the institutions. They are the power structure in the U.S.  without competition.  Just a few squeaky voices out there that are ignored.

Or were ignored until the 2016 election.  Even Fox News, and Matt Drudge, who loved to take money from Conservatives, suddenly got scared and flipped to the Dark Side.     Now the fangs of the Left have emerged and they are openly calling for the elimination of dissidence and dissidents.

And it is being noticed:

The Globalist American Empire Declares All-Out War On the American People

With Zero Moral Authority Left, The Globalist American Empire is Doomed to Fail at Home and Abroad

The best/worst thing that is happening now is the stripping of the illusion of the consent of the governed.  We no longer believe we have a voice in our own government and we are acutely aware that we are not only outside  of the protection of the the government that we — as Americans — have so fiercely defended over the generations — we are being targeting by those very institutions.

When Nike and Apple financially underwrites BLM, and by extension, Anti-Fa, they ARE the establishment.   When BLM/Anti-Fa can literally burn down cities for months, and they are protected by the establishment, the ARE the establishment.

Then when a few folks braved the colds of January to listen to a dissident President, they are called Insurrections by the Uni-Party.   Please don’t compare the trespassing that occurred at the Capital to the months of burning and looting that destroyed so many of our cities.

Sorry guys, the gig is up.  The suspension of disbelief is gone. The illusion is over.

The problem isn’t the dissents (who dared vote for the only non-Establishment Republican since . . . whenever), the problem (and solution) is that we have woken up to the fact that our own government and every elite institution, has declared war upon us.  (And we didn’t even burn any cities down! )

Only those who submit to the approved narrative can play in the sandbox of “democratic”  politics.  If one has (what can now be openly called) dissident ideas, they are branded as traitors, insurrections, and domestic violent extremists.

I’ll say this again: “buy your popcorn, folks.  The movie is just getting started.”
We’ll see how that plays out over the next decade.
It is not the end of history, it is an inflection point in history.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
3 February 2021

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