Oh, Canada, How Far You Have Fallen

Oh, Canada, how far you have fallen.  You pirouette in self-congratulation as you designate Proud Boys  a terror group.  Proud Boys — proud of a Western European classical heritage.   Proud Boys — group led by a half-black, half-Mexican snitch — is designated by Canada a terror group.   Yet nothing is said of the Mexican Cartels.

The Chinese are slavering over your moral death.  Self-hatred is the worst kind of hate — without love of self you cannot defend others nor oneself from enemies within or without.

Politico declares war on Whites as their man at Defense is given the weapons free signal to root out white people.  This foundation of self-hatred was laid, of course, a generation ago by our elites.

The elites lap up the piss sliding down the legs  America’s true hate groups (the AdL and SPLC) who’s stock in trade is defamation and telling others who they should hate.  Of what moral good can an organization be that targets a grey haired Jew whose sin  was to to convert to Christianity and speak of the holdomor.   

Fritz Berggren, PhD
4 February 2021

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