Why America Does Not Work Any More

Part 1 of 3

There once was a stock of European Christians whose identity defined America and whose allegiance to their God, Jesus Christ, caused the Almighty’s blessings to flow upon this land.

However, this people turned away from their God, served foreign gods, invited in foreign peoples and learned the ways of pagan nations.

Now we are invaded, corrupted, bankrupted, and our young are consumed by immorality, abortion, homosexuality, debt, poverty, physical violence, and the bloodshed from ceaseless wars.

And our elite persist in a lie that “everything is fine” at best, and at worse, “the European Christians” are the greatest threat to domestic peace and tranquility.

This doesn’t work. Making White Christians “domestic enemies” will only further subvert this country and hurry its journey to destruction.

Part 2 of 3

There is no going back to the 1950s or the 1830s nor any other era of American history.
We are now an empire of pagan and Christian, European and African, Jewish and Moslem and Atheist and Mexican and God knows what else. There is no central core of unity — there is no “we all believe in this common set of values” any more.You've Done Nothing Wrong

There are many groups proclaiming many values, some of the  antithetical to Christianity, our European heritage, and the founding documents of this country.

It is a fool’s errand to stuff the genie back into the box — we can’t magically reverse immigration nor undue a pagan people’s loyalty to pagan gods.

It is the purpose of those anti-Christ peoples, be they European, Jewish, African, Latino, atheist or nominally Christian, to utterly subvert the existence of White people and Christianity — they think (quite falsely) that the abolition of those influences will “free America.” It will do nothing of the sort — it will only enslave those in America and keep them under the nominal illusion that it’s someone else’s fault.

Diversity is never a strength when building a unified nation state — no nation on earth believes this. Not India. Not Japan. Not Israel. No African nation believes this, not China.

Never in the history of the world has a totalitarian movement (such as Marxism — which undergirds the fashionable Left) produced a free and prosperous nation. Ever.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
And all the King’s horses,
And all the King’s men,
Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Part 3 of 3

What is to be done?

  • Recognize that Parts 1 and Part 2 above are close enough to the truth to make decisions based on them.  Essentially: Humpty Dumpty is broken – it’s not getting back together.
  •  There are two alternatives: A centralized totalitarian system (where we are today), or,  we go our separate ways — as hard as that will be.
  • Going our separate ways is feasible with an interpretation of the US Constitution as a “union of states,” not a monolithic entity.  Is this likely? Not as long as the Totalitarians believe  they have the upper hand — why would they compromise when they believe they have already won?
  • A successful country must find a central core of identity, values and beliefs around which they can build a new country.  The identity of a people requires a common ancestor, a common bloodline — this was the Creator’s intent and we should not reject it  for our man-made traditions.  The children of Jacob (renamed Israel) became a nation; it required a common bloodline and a common Creed (the Ten Commandments). They were to be an example for other nations to imitate.
  • Thus: Who are you? Are you a European? Were your ancestors Christian? This will certainly be one group that can unite and build apart from those who hate White people and hate the idea of Jesus Christ as Monarch.
  • Neither Christians nor Whites should try to build a nation with peoples and religions that are hate them nor lay endless guilt upon them — that is a fool’s idea.

    Christian Flags, Christian Peoples, the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Those with European and Christian ancestors ought rally around their forgotten King, Jesus Christ.  We will build a Christian nation here in North America, and in other parts of the world. If our enemies — those calling for the abolition of Whites and the targeting of White Christians as violent extremists — persist in their genocidal quest to exterminate us, we have no more duty to comply with our annihilation than the Jews did with their own time of troubles.  We have a duty to Ancestry and Progeny, God and Family, to continue to exist and that will require our own Christian nation-states.

Anti-Christ revolutionaries are already burning cities and calling for the death of  Whites, the Constitution, our form of government, and Orthodox Christianity.   BLM/Anti-Fa pursue the violent overturning of the U.S. Government while their fans in government and industry piously support them.   As Rome burns, we must recognize our common ancestry and King and build our future together. Let those who hate us go their own way — we cannot apologize for our Ancestors nor our God and we do not depend upon them to create our future.  We are not victims — we are agents of our own destiny.

Q: Why can’t a Christian Nation be composed of all peoples from all different races?
A: Re-read Parts 1 and 2 above. It doesn’t work — just that simple. It has nothing to do with “hating” other people. When certain segments of a population (Jews and Blacks, for example) form their identity around being “persecuted” by Whites and/or Christians, then at that moment a society ceases to be viable in the long term. Very few Black African nations  are viable in the long term, as free countries, because they are so divided by tribe and religion. This applies equally to North America, and to Europe, and Asia.  Look at China and the Uighurs. As long as one people can blame another (and subjugate that other through guilt  or violence) then that is either a totalitarian system, or doomed to fail. We are already there on both counts.

It is simple historical fact that mixing dissimilar peoples only succeeds under a totalitarian system (Yugoslavia, for example) and that those systems are uniformly anti-Christ.  It is also a historical fact that European Christians are singular incapable of subjugation under anti-Christ and totalitarian regimes — and this is why we are being targeted for destruction.

For the Christian: Babel was  a unified system of government uniting all peoples under the same “universal human rights and rule of law.”  It was abhorrent to God, He intervened in history to destroy Babel and force a division of bloodlines by giving them different languages.  Let not a Christian fight to rebuild what God purposed to destroy

Q: Doesn’t make this you a Christian/White Supremacist?
A: Jesus Christ warned: “If they call me Beelzebul, how much more my disciples.” Why, Christian, do you  submit yourself to the false moral standards of those who hate your God and Ancestors?    “I and the Father are One,” Jesus said, in John 10:30.  Should Jesus Christ apologize for being a Christian Supremacist?  The Jews thought so, and the murdered Him.   Whose side are you on?  Should the Almighty apologize for inspiring the Scriptures in a European Language after the Resurrection? Should God  apologize for sending Paul to the Europeans?  These are accusation  against Jesus Christ  — I stand with My King in the face of these socially-constructed “sins.”

Fritz Berggren, PhD
21 April A.D. 2021
Colorado Springs, CO

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