Total Control

The Covid Vax is merely justification for lockdown and total global tyranny. For the first time in human history this can be enforced through the used of digital identity, digital money, digital passports all tied together with the Internet feeding the government’s infinite appetite for total surveillance in the name of “keeping us safe.”

CNBC reported that the Administrations new measures are designed to “bolster the nation’s arsenal of tools to fight the virus.” This is a bold-faced lie. If they wanted to fight the virus they would have rolled out Ivermectin instead of making it illegal. Reports out of African show a stunningly low infection rate because the entire continent uses Ivermectin in order to treat malaria. Ditto for portions of Indian — a direct correlation between the use of Ivermectin and low Covid infection rates.

This is about control. They are normalizing injections. We don’t know what is in the sauce they are serving. Will it reduce fertility over a number of years? Will it increase auto-immune disorders? We know it causes heart issues and we know that healthy children become unhealthy at a higher rate after they take the “vaccine.”

Want more proof? The World Health Organization (WHO) is drafting an international “pandemic” treaty to standardize control across the globe. These people will use the Covid outbreak to rule over us — without our consent. Virtually all human activity, from buying to renting to speaking (they have to fight “misinformation!”) to traveling and employment, will be centrally controlled.

Soon enough, they’ll find ways to place drugs or other substances directly into a controlled food supply. Think fluoride in the water supply, but it will be in our food probably starting in school lunches. Will we go along with this? If you think I’m exaggerating, look back on where we’ve come in two short years. There is no end to their imaginations of total control.

This is beyond wrong. It is evil. This generation must fight it.

Fritz Berggren

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