Arrogant Asses and Prophets

I don’t know how this ends.
We live in a boastful country that is blind to its own hubris.
Reminds me of the Beast of Daniel 7:7-8 and Revelation 13:5.
It speaks arrogant words and is greedy for power.

God always sends prophets.
Got one right now — another braying ass.
Doesn’t know what a woman is.
Half the country wants it on the Supreme Court.

She is a shame to her mother and her race.
She is a shame to the United States.
But she is still a prophet like the Ass that spoke to Baalam.
If Americans can’t understand this then we have no hope.

How does this end?
Have we had a belly full of our own arrogance yet?
If this country does not serve Jesus Christ it will be destroyed.
Are we there yet?

I’m not asking for a spiritual revival nor a reformation of our morals.
I am asking if we’ve had a belly full our own arrogance yet.
There is no “third path.”
There is no third way, no path to neutrality.

This nation will be a Christian nation or it will end up in its own earthly hell.
True for the nations that came out of Christian Europe, especially.
Christians must obey Christ rather that respect men who reject Jesus Christ.
Any government that disrespects the authority of Jesus Christ is outlaw.

A good portion of this country has had a belly full.
Have enough of us realized that there is no neutrality in this war?
Not sure how patient God is feeling right now.
Sure don’t know what happens next.

But next feels real close right now.

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