Aftershow: Civil War, World War, and “Europa”

  • Civil War:”CW2 was lost — the AntiChrist won.” It will take a theological reformation to create in the Church the spine to actually stand up to the antichrist. We are not there yet, but here is to hoping.
  • Regarding the next World War: it has already started in Europe. Russia v. NATO is pretty much full on (according to both sides). Will it go nuclear? No one knows. But remember, the U.S. nuked Japan without an existential threat. Will Russia or NATO make a similar calculus? Spicy 2023!
  • Europa: The Last Battle — Regarding “Europa” the video: I did not have the theological confidence to watch this video two years ago. But I do now. Rev 2:9. Rev 3:9. John 8:44. Matt 23:33. 1 Thes 2:15. 1 John 2:22. Gen 3:15 (and on and on and on).

    “Europa: The Final Battle” is not just about there, then, and they. It is a blue print for what is going on in the U.S. and Europe in 2023 with the current biological warfare, and induced famine projects, de-industrialization, debt warfare and social conditioning through mass media. It is already in full swing.

    Memorize the Scriptures above, then watch the video. Scriptures come first.

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