War: Focus on the Demonic Hatred Coming from the Antichrist

Don’t focus on the trannies and homos — focus on the utterly demonic rage of those who defend the trannies and homos.  That rage is uncontrollable and the tranny murdering those white Christian children is the tip of the iceberg coming your way. No one apologized for the murder. No one said “she/he does not represent our values.” No, the antichrist forces endorsed her/it as a victim and called for the death of whites and Christians.  This spirit has risen in our society and it will not be sated without blood. Christian and white — this is what is coming for you. White genocide is today’s project of the antichrist (who is the same as today’s false Jews, who are the devil’s children, Satan’s synagogue).  Only the white race — historically Christian — can save the world from these antichrist hordes. We did it before and we will do it again.

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