That Middle-East Thing . . .

The fight between the Moslems and Jews, the Israelis and Palestinians — however you wish to characterize it — proves a simple point: We truly cannot get along.  God made different nations and He has no desire that we all become one people.

Humans were not made to get along.  We need our own land and culture and language and beliefs and space.  Forced integration is the most anti-human thing you can do to people.

Israel and Hamas/Hezbollah are in a death match. You think it will be any different to import them to Europe and America?  Do you expect the to  become “good little universalists?”  All this is lies.   They Jews will drive the Moslem out of Gaza and them some lighbulb will decide they all need to move to Europe or America.  There is a war against the White and Christian race.

Our war is in our homelands.  We are invaded, egged on by traitors and Jews who hate the White race.  Whites who side with the Jews are traitors to their ancestors (breaking the Fifth Commandment) and traitors against Jesus Christ.  They have joined the fraternity of Judas Iscariot.  This applies to Trump’s daughter as well as the Biden family who have united with the Jews.  Like Judas Iscariot, Biden has betrayed Jesus Christ.

I realize this is “extreme” speech, but only “extreme” speech is free speech.  Everything outside the approved conversation is “extreme.”  So if your speech is deemed “reasonable” you are part of the system that needs to be changed.

Do you think they’ve reached the limits of their depravity with trannies in grade school?  Think again.  Five years ago no one could have even imagined an evil like this. But it’s here.

Give it a few more years and they will find new evils.  The hidden depopulation agenda will become less hidden, and less “conspiracy.”  Anyone opposing trannies, homos, depopulation, abortion, sex with children, “voluntary” human sacrifice,  . . .  will be deemed “extremist,” and potential domestic terrorists,  Today’s Soccer Mom’s attending PTA meetings and opposing the Tranny Agenda went on FBI watch lists. Do you really think we are on the cusp of  liberty?

The pressure on Whites and Christian will increase until we respond in self-defense.  Be a hero to your race and God — rise up.   Stop waiting for a savior — that Saviour lives in side of you an expects YOU to do something.

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