The Intent of the Jews In Their Own Words

I have endeavored to explain theologically that the Jews — however you may want to define them — are not God’s people and are rather’s the devil’s people.  What I have stayed away from is the common tropes about Hitler, Nazis, and atrocities of WW2. The heart of Truth is the Holy Scriptures, not perspectives on victimhood.

I’ve reminded people that in the Book of Esther, the Jews hid their identity, murdered their opponents, successfully took over a mutlicultural empire,  left a figurehead leader in charge, and  controlled things behind the scenes.  The Book of Esther show no actual damage suffered by the Jews, but Jews murdered over 75,000 of their “enemies.” The Jews in the Book of Esther do not worship God, pray to God, nor honor Moses; rather they set up a new holiday devoted to chance, or Purim.  Many people, fearful of the Jews, and converted to become Jews, which underlines the fact that modern Jewry has scant biblical basis to claim some pure line of descent from Jacob/Israel.  Jesus also said the Jews travelled long distances to make converts to their “traditions,” which undermined the Ten Commandments. 

The Scriptures are eternal. The Book of Esther is forever.  And like then, the rich and powerful also convert to the Jews.  Joe Biden’s children all married Jews and Ivanka Trump coverted do the Jews as have many others including Edomites (like Herod), and the Khazars (from whence Askenazic Jews) to modern celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor.

Here offer some visual aides to help the naive to understand the intent of Jews in their own words:

From the Talmud

John Stewart is a Jew: “Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.”


Jamie Raskin is Jewish

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