A New Country!

Imagine if a section of North American became an independent state.

  • Set up a separate government.
  • Leave Canada or the U.S. or both.
  • Renounce all debt currently owed by U.S. and/or Canada.
  • Create a money supply of gold and silver.
  • Outlaw Usury.
  • No income tax.
  • No sales tax.
  • Tax imports to fund the government.
  • Every male 15 to 65 a member of the unorganized militia.
  • Self-sufficent in energy and food.
  • Outlaw homosexuals, trannys, drug dealers, illegal aliens.
  • Deport people not natural loyal to our nation/ethnos — they can have their own home.
  • Ten Commandments as the foundation of Law.

We better start imagining our future before someone else imagines it for us.
Some of us are not capable of being a slave to anyone.
Those I would call my kin cannot be slaves.
The time to make this real is sooner than we may expect.

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