New Nations Arise During This Tumult . . .

White and Christian nations.

We owe our ancestors, our descendants, and our God more that rank cowardice in the face of evil.

Who are you, fundamentally?
English speaking?

“We are all Americans” is a fat fiction used to shame people into compliance under our tyrants.

It is imperative to imagine a homogenous community with contiguous borders and genuine and deep bonds. Bonds of race, of language, of belief, of common enemies. We must know what we love and what we hate. We must be proudly intolerant, deeply so, of the enemies who have dwelt among us and taken down a once great and White and Christian nation.

We must never apologize for the White race.
We must never apologize for the Word of God (John 8:44, Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9 . . . .)

We are in the end game of the experiment called “America” which has turned into a godless polyglot of races, languages, beliefs, and lusts. We are an “empire” governed by a tyrant class.

Christian Nations.
Explicity and unapologetically.
A rejection of Babel, multi-cultural empires, and debt slavery.

This movement toward liberty and a nation under our Monarch Jesus Christ starts in the mind and comes out of the mouth.

Preachers and Pastors and Priests — where are you?
Silent in the face of the anti-christs?

The alternative is what we have now — our children are taught trannyism and homosexuality. Our rulers kidnap our children, take them to islands, and rape them.
Our “elected representatives” become fabulously rich and do nothing for us.
The rich and powerful rule over us.

It is within us to overthrown them — but we must return to our One Sovereign Jesus Christ and build not fictional political entities (“we are all Americans”) but organic nations (Genesis 10) based on blood and faith.

What is a Christian nation? It is an ethnically, historically and linguistically homogenous people, in contiguous lands, whose law and mores are based upon the Ten Commandments, the first of which points directly to Jesus Christ.

BONUS: Another World War has begun. This war will have extreme consequences for “Americans” here at home. This is a perfect storm.

The silver lining is it becomes an opportunity throw off the illegitimate taskmasters and tyrants and start something new — unadulterated by Satan’s children.

We cannot be cowards.
We cannot await another saviour.
Our Savior and King resides in our breasts.
He waits for us to roar like the lions He made us to be — Sons of God.

We cannot win the war for our survival if we keep refusing to identify the people who want to destroy the White and Christin race.

It’s the communists — the Jews.
It’s the Dems or Rinos — the Jews.
It’s the globalists — the Jews.
It’s the bankers — the Jews.
It’s the movies — the Jews.
It’s the media — the Jews.
It’s academia — the Jews.
It’s the Left — it’s the Jews.
It’s Judeo-Christians — the fraternity of Judas-Iscariot.

Christians, you must stop defending Satan’s seed, the devil’s own children.
John 8:44. Rev 2:9. Rev 3:9. 1 Thes 2:14-16. Gen 3:15. Matt 3:7 . . .

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