Exciting Possibilities

The world is full of exciting possibilities as we watch the collapse unfold.  And that is the reason I write this blog.  The world as we have known it is gone — all that was of Western Civilization — founded in Christianity, nobility, the classical virtues of logic and knowledge and rhetoric — are gone.  Christian is practically illegal (it is permitted when segregated to a meaningless private space).   Logic and rationality have been replaced by sloganeering — “racial justice,” “fairness,” “equality.”   Masculinity cannot be used as a term unless “toxic” is put in front of it.  Men now cut their gonads off and take estrogen injections and our elite clap their hands and applaud.

It’s over.  And it’s not coming back.   Even the dark ages would be better than the twisted world that we are foisting on new generations in America and around the world.

So as one system collapses, another arises.

My loyalty is to Truth, my Father, and the Creator.  He is my King.  There is no substitute for the Truth or the Creator.   Jesus Christ is the Truth — he embodies the truth of all of existence.  He is the Creator.   His Father is my Father because I’m a blood descendant of Jesus Christ  — the Blood of the Son of God makes me an heir to the Kingdom of my father.

My father’s kingdom is in no way limited to two hours in a dark building on a Sunday morning.  He rules over all the earth.  That he permits humans to live in rebellion against him in no way diminishes his power — he isn’t threaten by rebellious creatures, he is patient with them.   

I simply choose to accept the implications of a Christian theology (such as the Creator) and work to advance His interests on earth as they are in heaven.  Thy Kingdom Come.

As this order collapses, it is my goal, my work, to educate the Church to understand that Christianity is in no way limited to other worldly devices.  Prayer and morality are good and necessary, but so is a social and political order that values prayer and morality and plows the ground of means hearts so that when the Gospel seed it sown it bears fruit.

A social and political order that teaches that God is a fiction of ignorant men and that we are all byproducts of time and chance with zero ultimate meaning in life and no accountability (or even concept) of sin is very hard ground to sow seeds on.

An order, however, that institutionally recognizes that God is our Creator, that His Law (the Ten Commandments) are the best law there is, and that we all are accountable to our Maker on the Judgement Day is very fertile soil for the Gospel.

That framework should pervade public life — our laws and educational institutions.

Every law is a reflection of morality.   It cannot be otherwise.  Stating that “you can’t murder” is a  moral demand.  And when children are taught in public schools that there is “no such thing as right or wrong and no accountability” after death (whether tough explicit or implicitly), then mass shootings like at Columbine can no longer be considered  surprising.  Why wouldn’t they kill when nothing matters?  It is as logical an action as any another choice when your foundation is that there is no such thing as transcendental meaning or morality or accountability.

And that’s where we are.  Full civilizational suicide.  We — as a civilization — are Columbining ourselves.

And so I look to re-instill a solid theological argument for the rise of a new Christian order based upon the Hebrew and Greek writing — writings that have been there all along but were either ignored willfully or out of ignorance.

Here’s my elevator speech on that:

1) All literate men have Scriptures (writings) that form their frame of thought. Illiterate men are but slaves in anything but name.

2) The Hebrew and Greek writings (the Bible) are sufficient and superior to all other writings for laying out the basic assumptions of human society.

3) The Hebrew Scriptures are primary — they form the structure and assumptions within which and from which human societies can emerge.  These include:

— origin and meaning of man

— our primary purpose and task (reproduce and work by with and through the family)

— our primary living environment — gardening.

— the social order: patriarchal and familial and heterosexual

— the legal framerwork: the Ten Commandments

  Justic and Judgement:  Disobedience to the Ten Commandments by the Nation over time leads to curses and destruction.  Obedience to the Ten Commandments by the Nation over time tends toward a better National life.  AND it creates the good soil for the Gospel.

— The requirement to judge one’s life and meaning over many generations — not just your own life-time.

— Loyality and identity (and thus protection and security) lying in bloodlines, families, land, languages and work.

4) The Greek Scriptures are the capstone of the previous work.  They reveal the One True King (Jesus Christ, the second Adam) and they make provision for the New Birth to the Second Adam who is untainted by the First Adam’s corruption.    The Greek Scriptures focus more on the individual and the Hebrew more on the Nation — the Corporate identity.

These are broad foundational concepts that the Church neither teaches nor knows anything about any more.   This blog is where I explore some of these ideas.  That they are controversial should not be surprising — the Church has adopted the secular foundations of the world and simply adds window dressing to it.  At best they try to build Christian lives (born again people) on a foundation that is entirely rotten.  It takes a community to produce whole people and the world has destroyed Christian community (societies) and it is no wonder we have trouble producing Christian children and men.

This is what I’m about. 

The changes are happening quickly.  One must be prepared to rebuild as this order collapses.  I write to the Church because you are the only ones who can counter the evil of this world and you can’t do it with drums, guitars and a fifteen minute altar call — it takes an entire and whole theology of community and nation and law and meaning and time.    This I begin to offer here.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
26 July 2019

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