Response to “Christians Against Christian Nationalism.”

Christians Against Christian Nationalists are so concerned about “Christian Nationalism” that they’ve set up a web site just to attack an under-represented and marginalized group.

Am I, Fritz Berggren, a Christian Nationalist?  (This is where parsing words is very important — something Leftists avoid; it is easier to denounce and defame than logically elucidate.)

Am I a Christian?  Yes.  Am I a nationalist? Yes.  Do the two necessarily go together? No.  

A nationalist is someone who believes that loyalty to one’s ancestors and progeny is valid, more valid than loyalty to another’s ancestors and progeny.  That is how I would define “nationalism.”  Nation is from the same root word as “natal,” as in pre-natal or post-natal (referring to birth).  The Spanish word nacir is of the same latin root as nation; nacir means “to be born”

So, yes, I prefer my ancestors and progeny over that of any other human being and I do that without apology.  Everyone on the planet has this right and, in fact, obligation.  Does that mean we are “superior” to them?  Not necessarily.  But we could be superior to others in some respects just as they could be superior to us. 

It is an insult to every person to say “we are all equal.” 

I’m neither the equal of Einstein in mathematical genius nor am I equal to Bach in music.   That is an insult to common sense and I’m not willing to participate in that Lie.  And that is true with the larger blood relations (nations).  Each blood grouping may have things they do better or worse than others.  This, dear reader, is called “diversity.”

In limited respects we may be equal: All of us have two eyes. And two ears. And two nostrils.  So what?  To suggest, as a whole, “we are all equal” is to participate in the Big Lie and an insult to the uniqueness of each of us.  To suggest that I am Napoleon’s or Mike Tyson’s equal is a great insult to both. 

The people that rail against inequality are the same people that proclaim the beauty of diversity.   Which is it?  Are we all equal? Or are we to celebrate diversity? To claim both at once is to participate in a the Big Lie.

It is established that some bloodline groupings have a predilection to sickle cell anemia.   Doctors are just being honest and saying “these folks are more likely to have this attribute.”   Males are more likely than females to grow bald.  Is that evil to acknowledge this? Or is this just an honest recognition of differences?  Australian pygmies are generally much shorter than some tribes in Africa.   Am I preaching racial or sex based superiority by recognizing our diversity?  If so, then I’m guilty and unapologetic for embracing diversity.

It is an insult to everyone to  say “we are all equal, we are all the same” and in the next breath demand that “diversity is our strength.” Are these people liars, or hypocrites? 

Nationalism (a grouping preference based on common ancestry) never need be coupled with any religion, but it needs more than blood to be unified.  Nationalism (that preference for one’s own) is by no means sufficient to form a wholesome nation – it takes more than common ancestry.   Witness the French Revolution and see how they slaughtered their own country-men.

There is little I agree with in CACN’s “We believe” statement: 

  • CACN: People of all faiths and none have the right and responsibility to engage constructively in the public square. 

Here’s a subtle lie: all faiths have the “right and responsibility” to engage “constructively” in the public square.  Clearly CACN has set itself up to the the arbiters of what is “constructive” and what is not — and by condemning others it clearly does not believe “all faiths” have the right to participate — clearly CACN rejects the right of a Christian nationalist to “engage . . . in the public square.”

  • CACN: Patriotism does not require us to minimize our religious convictions. 

Then why does CACN demand that  “Christian nationalists”  minimize their religious convictions?  CACN does not believe this, of course.  If they did they would not condemn people who think differently about politics than you do.

  • CACN: One’s religious affiliation, or lack thereof, should be irrelevant to one’s standing in the civic community.

This is silliness. Is CACN going to demand that the Saudi’s accept a Jew or Christian as their equal? Or an atheist?  If you believed this, they why is CACN condemning Christian Nationalists as a “persistent threat?” It’s because CACS lies about its true intentions.  CACN’s intentions are plainly to purge a group of Americans and Christians from having any influence in the Church or state exactly because of their beliefs.

  • CACN: Government should not prefer one religion over another or religion over nonreligion.

The government certainly does prefer one religion (that of secular atheism) over all other religions in the United States.  The Universities — the Academic world in general — are the establishment of religion in the United States and we are all forced to pay taxes to support a religion many of us don’t believe in.    That established religion holds CACN in chains — they have become it’s slaves.

  • CACN: Religious instruction is best left to our houses of worship, other religious institutions and families. 

See the above — we already have an establishment of religion, and it is the anti-thesis of Christianity.

  • CACN: America’s historic commitment to religious pluralism enables faith communities to live in civic harmony with one another without sacrificing our theological convictions.

If this “religious pluralism” enables us to live in “harmony,” then why does CACN publicly condemn the beliefs of others and their theological convictions?   Are they so ignorant that they don’t understand what you are saying? Or are they just so hypocritical that they think you can foist another big lie on people that trust them?

  • CACN: Conflating religious authority with political authority is idolatrous and often leads to oppression of minority and other marginalized groups as well as the spiritual impoverishment of religion.

What this worship of “minority,” and “marginalized groups?”   CACN can’t even define this.  Surely Christian nationalists are the minority and by their own statements they purposely intend to marginalize them — that is the very purpose of CACN’s statement.

  • CACN: We must stand up to and speak out against Christian nationalism, especially when it inspires acts of violence and intimidation—including vandalism, bomb threats, arson, hate crimes, and attacks on houses of worship—against religious communities at home and abroad.

 CACN is doing the very thing they preach against — they incite hatred and rejection against individuals and groups of Christians in the minority (hence, a minority group) who dare to think against the culture of the day.  CACN is the mainstream. They are the dominant voice.  And CACN hates the idea of free speech in that they  denounce, ridicule and incite hatred against those who dare to write and speak from a different perspective. 

This group called “Christians Against Christian Nationalism” is typical of why the Church has failed the world. They are simply window dressing for Satanism (Secular Atheism).  They are like the crosses worn by the singer called Madonna.  Do you really think Madonna is Christian because she changes her name and wears a cross?   CACN is to the world what Madonna is to Christianity — a complete mockery, salt without flavor.

So, CACN, let’s make a deal, OK?  I’m not so arrogant that I believe I will change your mind. You’ve made you’re choices and staked your claims; and I’m not giving up mine.   

So let’s get a divorce — that’s something you believe in, right?  How can two walk together unless they are agreed?   Let us assist you in cleansing your morally pure world by removing ourselves from your midsts.  Give us our own land.  We’ll gladly separate from you.  We recognize your right to determine your own destiny and have zero wish to impose our values upon you.

But this works both ways — stay away from us.  Stop speaking down to us.  Recognize that “diversity is strength” and let us be that diversity.  We’ll go our own way and set up our own laws and society.  You believe we are poison and yet you claim to be tolerant and diverse.  Prove it.  Let us go and govern ourselves and mind us not at all.

I am personally committed in this world and in this life to assist nations (bloodlines) to set up a distinctly Christian orders.  I’d be very proud to make this happen in some portion of North America.  I’d be very happy to make this happen in some portions of Africa and Latin America and Asia and Europe.    No, it’s not for everyone, but stop with your hypocrisy of “tolerance and diversity.”  You are the moral and mental totalitarians I fight against.  

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
29 July 2019

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