Why Do People Hate Europeans?

I start this essay wondering where to begin — the world has turned mad and madness is hard to explain. Why do people hate Europeans so much?

And why is the U.S. Government so enamored with the idea of siding against European peoples for doing what every other ethnic group does?

I’m working through a theory on it. It has to do with the fact that God turned away from the Jews and sent the Gospel to the Europeans:  After Christ’s resurrection the Scriptures henceforth were to be written in a European language.

This fact alone should tell all Europeans everything they need to know about their place in God’s plan. And if that is not enough, God specifically directed Paul’s mission toward Europe (not to Asia or Africa).

European people were targeted by God for the Good News of Jesus Christ more than any other peoples.  I say this based upon God’s choice of a European language for the Holy Scriptures, I say this based upon Paul’s direction toward Europe and the prohibition to go into Asia, and I say this based upon Europe’s reception of the Gospel to such an extant that it was called Christendom and the banners of those people sported the Cross.

And Satan hates that. So Satan targets European people.

How about that for a theory?

Anti-White madness is an anti-Christ madness.  This  is understandable, and therefore not madness at all, but rather a serious and logical campaign by Satan to undermine his enemy Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And since he cannot strike Christ directly he strikes at his offspring — Christians. And who has borne the Gospel to the world if not European men?

Of course Satan wars against Christians everywhere.  We have seen Christianity nearly wiped out in the Middle East in the last twenty years by the Muslims, and now in African the Muslims are doing their best to wipe out the Christian faith there as well.

In Europe and America the strategy is to flood the region with non-Christians and to subvert the faith a Christianity by the shrewd deceptions of an all-inclusive rainbow ideology which denigrates Jesus Christ.

Never forget that Jesus Christ is the stone upon which men stumble.  His identity as God’s direct Son is that stone of stumbling.

And European men uniquely embraced Jesus Christ as the resurrected Son of God. No other region of the planet did this like the Europeans. And they spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ from there to the rest of the world.

Jesus Christ is Not Jewish

Jesus Christ was not sired by a Jew — His Father terminated the bloodline through the Jews by causing the woman (Mary) to conceive by a direct act of God through the Holy Spirit. It is via the male only that descent is counted.  Legitimacy and inheritance comes through the male according to everything written in the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. The lineage of Jesus Christ as recorded in both Matthew and Luke counts the male side only.

Yet Mary was a descendant of Adam and Eve. This is  more important than being a descendant of David. And from The Fall (Genesis 3:15) God declared that there would be enmity between Eve’s seed (those born again of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer) and offspring of the Viper.

Thus the Christ remains not only the Son of God, but the Son of Man.

Male descent explains why from Eve a Saviour would be born — the female does not pass down the inherited sin. God Himself caused Mary to conceive, and thus Jesus is literally the Son of God.

Christ cuts off the Jewish blood line which is traced back through David and Judah (hence the Jews), Israel, Isaac, Abraham, Shem (hence Semites), Noah, Abel and then to Adam who had tainted blood since the Fall.

Being born of Jesus Christ cleanses one of Adam’s unclean blood line. This is why Jesus Christ said “you must be born again.”

Who is the Serpent’s seed? Who represents the enmity between Eve’s offspring and the Devil’s?  Satan uses anti-Christ peoples (the seed of the Serpent) to attack Christian peoples, who are the people of God.

The Mongol hordes slaughtered Christians and most of the later Khanates converted to Islam. The Muslim invasions of Europe would have wiped out Christianity. Thank God for the brave men who reconquered south-western Europe (now Spain) and who resisted Muslim invasions throughout European history — the history of Christendom.

The anti-Christ nation of the Jews with their visceral hatred of Jesus Christ remains no friend of the followers of Jesus Christ regardless of the Jew-worship by many evangelical Christians. No bigger lie can be told and no greater deception could be wielded than that a nation of Anti-Christs are somehow “God’s people.”

John the Baptist despised the Jews with their evil religion. He called them a “brood of vipers,” which means the children of the Snake — the Serpent — the devil himself. He said that the “axe is already laid at the roof of the trees,” and that those not bearing good fruit would be “thrown into the fire.” (Matthew 3:7-10) He was talking to the Jews about the Jews. This was the end for the Jews as “God’s people” and God turned to the European people.

Salvation for Jews and All Peoples

Some of Jewish blood become Christians, and remain proud descendants of the Patriarchs (as Paul boasted about himself), but Paul bowed his knee to the non-Jew, Jesus Christ, and called him Lord. And  Paul specifically self-identified as a Hebrew, not as a Jew.

One of the first Christian converts was the Ethiopian eunuch, a descendant of Ham through Cush. The Gospel is available for all who will confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in their hearts that he rose from the dead.

“Judeo-Christian” is an Oxymoron

But to build a nation and religion and identity around the rejection of Jesus Christ is anti-Christ. There can be no greater oxymoron than “Judeo-Christian.”

Christians are deceived to believe that the Jews remain God’s people. The foundation of Jewish identity is the rejection of Jesus Christ and their own flag boasts a Satanic symbol (Acts 7:43).

Jews who become Christians must think about this carefully, as the author of the Book of Hebrews warns; if one forsakes the blood of Jesus Christ there remains no salvation for them. Hebrews was written for those of Hebrew descent, including the Jews. They had converted to faith in Jesus Christ but many doubted after first believing and yearned for acceptance of their own blood line. Some returned to Judaism and rejected Christ. The book of Hebrews was a warning against forsaking Christ and an encouragement to remain strong if the faith even unto death.

Why is all this important?

The first and last line of defense of European man is their identity in Jesus Christ. They are hated because of their association with Him. To the degree that European man rejects the Gospel of Jesus Christ and embraces Satan worship in all it’s forms (from Islam to Atheism, Judaism to Neo-Paganism) he emasculates himself and becomes one of them, a child of the viper.

European Christians must reject Satan’s deceptions and accusations. And this includes the utterly false idea that Jesus Christ is Jewish or that Christianity is some sub-section of Judaism. This is a Big Lie advanced by the Jews to destroy Christianity and those who bear the name Christian.

Mass invasion (biologically and ideologically) into the heart of European Christendom is the crux of our demise. These poisons must be resisted. Jesus Christ as the resurrected and direct Son of God is the cornerstone of Truth and the single defense of European man. This is the only anti-dote to our destruction and it is this Truth that must ring again in every Christian church.

Many Christian churches have acquiesced to Satan’s delusions in hopes that they — like the Hebrews who were warned in the book of Hebrews — would be “accepted” by Satan’s children.

I would that European man — to whom the Gospel was directed — wake up and re-embrace that non-Jew, Jesus Christ, whom the Jews hate.  Why do people try to please the Jews? So they cannot be accused of being an anti-Semite? Do they not realized that Jesus Christ Himself and John the Baptist and the early disciples could be called the biggest anti-Semites of all?

Who are you loyal to, European man? The Jew? Or the Son of God?

Ultimately, Jesus Christ is our only salvation, not only in this life, but in the life to come. But we must live in this life and produce offspring in this life so that the task of preaching this Gospel can carry on. You, we, owe a strong defense of European Christianity and so far all we have done is accept surrender every day. Christ lived and died on earth as did his disciples. Our duty and calling is in the here and now to build — to rebuild — Christian nations (bloodlines) and states to protect and advance the Truth of Jesus Christ: Christian Nation-States.

The Accuser of the Brethren

We have purchased cheaply a false Gospel of “being accepted” by Satan’s children as they have brow beaten us with false accusations from their father, the Serpent, who is “The Accuser of the Brethren.” We have been charged with the false sins of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, intolerance, and anti-Semitism. We have been beaten and excoriated and bear these accusations for no reason but our own cowardice and disbelief in Jesus Christ. Any time you hear those accusations (racist!) consider them the clash of swords coming against you and your people and rise up to engage them. Do not bow your knee to their religions and never apologize for God’s calling of our people.

Wake up, European man. Return to the God — Jesus Christ — who made your ancestors great. Only then will you find the power to overcome the enmity of the viper’s seed.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
7 February 2020

Afterword: I have friends and family who will be horrified by this article (not to mention my enemies). My word to them is this: Do you really think that trying to get along, and meeting them half way, is going to be your salvation? The reason you (European Christian) are losing is because you ceded ground to them generation over generation, and now your back is up against the wall. Begging forgiveness and mercy will not help you — not if you want to remain European and Christian.  And if you don’t, then you aren’t worthy of either name.  And so here it is.  We are sorrounded.  We can attack in any direction. It is a target rich environment.  But we have to regain that lost ground like the Spaniards did in the Re-Conquista — both ideologically and geographically. Do not apologize. Do not strive to get the seed of the viper to love you.  Be men. Be Christian. Fight, live, die well. Raise Christian children and we will build again Christian nation-states.  We, like the Spaniards, will re-conquer what belongs to us and to our God.

I lived in Matamoros once.  I am proud of that.

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