The End Is Nigh. Hopefully.

We may finally have reached the natural limits of absurdity in the world.  There an old saying: “if something can’t go on forever, it won’t.”   And I think the Corona is just a part of the natural reordering of Mankind.   

I won’t be surprised if Corona is  just the first of a cascading set of disasters coming.  What more could possible go wrong?  Famine normally follows disease.  Rising food prices.  Economic Depression.  And then . . .  war?  Not out of the range of possibilities.

It’s already obvious that disease is attacking an already hospiced financial system.  The false economy propped up by imaginary money looks to finally implode. Which is good — that economy served to enrich the top .1% globally while those at the middle and bottom did worse.  We created millions of homeless and a few multi-billionaires whom the ignorant hold in awe.  The shrinking middle class is ever deeper in debt.  “Affordable” homes are not because we are forced to borrow more money than a we can afford.  The money spigot inflates the prices way beyond the ability of our wages to keep up.  Governments love this since it increases tax revenue. Banks love this because it increase profit flows.  Business love it because people are forced to spent way more money than they otherwise would.

And the poor and the middle class are enslaved to debt.

My father bought a home for one year’s wages.  Today, it is three or four times one’s average annual salary to purchase a home.  My father bought a new station wagon for 10% of his annual salary — my new Honda Pilot was 40% of my annual wage.     People use credit cards to buy food.

This monetary fraud originates with the bankers and their allies in the government.  They enrich the few and enslave the rest.  It is another evil of our age.  Freedom isn’t debt.  Freedom is a lack of debt.  But like sexuality, they have inverted good for evil and have trapped us all it in.    

But they have no plans to bail us out.  They’ll send us an air kiss and token of money.  Then they will bail out the mega-businesses.  Again.  And we’ll still be saddled with mortgages and every other kind of debt. 

Because to free of us our debt would be to truly free us.  And they can’t have that. 

I hope we have hit peak globalism — perhaps the modern Tower of Babel is about to collapse.  That’s wishful thinking on my part. The perpetrators of our global enslavement are far too determined to give up — they will use this crisis to consolidate control if they can. 

They must be resisted.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
23 March 2020


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