Bill or Rights or Human Rights?

Somewhere along the line Americans stopped talking about the Bill of Rights and started talking about “human rights.”  This was not a positive development.

Unlike the Bill of Rights, which is written out in our Constitution, ‘human rights’ seem to mean whatever anyone wants them to mean at any given moment.  Once in a while they will reference the UN Charter on Human Rights, but I have zero loyalty to an organization that is trying so hard to rebuild Babel, undermine the Bill of Rights, and replace goodness (male/female marriage) with evil (sodomy).

That this statement shocks some is evidence of how successful they have been in moving their agenda forward. When I was in high-school, there was just a rumor of a homosexual, and I didn’t believe it.   But the last time I want to a local junior hight, there are signs on the walls promoting child abuse ( homosexuality and trans-sexuality)  to 7th and 8th grade kids.     

And they expect me to be quiet?  (Sorry, you got the wrong guy)

“Human Rights” have become the means by which the social justice warriors, the new Pharisees, impose their narrow minded morality upon others.  They will claim that people have a “right” not be be offended, which is patently ridiculous.  What they really mean is that their own morality is not to be offended and that others (like me) have a duty to submit to their narrow minded morality.

The demand that I not write against the “racism racket,” or that I not write against institutionalized child abuse (transgender activism in public schools), or that I not point out that Jesus truly despised the Pharisees and Saducess who, like our modern day SJWs, created their own “precepts of men,” that are elevated above the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. 

I will write. I will speak. If it offends the modern day Pharisees and Saducees, well, that’s jut to bad.  I have no respect for them nor their invented “rights” and moralities.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
23 March 2020

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