Do We Live in a Christian Society?

No.  Live Human/Child sacrifice is a sacred “right” in this Satanic society. It is shrouded under the protection of “human rights” and “women’s rights.” The meat is then sold  — abortion is a for-profit business.  

No.  We institutionalize child abuse in our public schools. And I don’t mean the mind-numbing curriculum and antiquated rigidity — built to condition a society 100 years ago to factory shift work. I’m talking about the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism as a healthy and whole life style. Nothing could be further there from the truth — this is evil. This is child abuse.  And no one is saying anything about it.

No.  We live in an economy built on debt slavery: Debt capitalism.  Those who have, get more.  Those who don’t can look forward a life were their homes, credit cards and car payments are never paid off. Debt slavery is eternal.  That is an anti-Christ idea.

No.   The Bible advocates for patriarchal families and the Ten Commandments and the Kingship of Jesus Christ. These are forbidden ideas in our public schools.  And they are foundational to a Christian culture.

There can be no Christianity without Christian Nation-States. The task is not to save a few souls on a sinking ship. It is to take over the ship as the rats are jumping off, then fix it, and rebuild it the right way.  This is a noble task.

Not every ship can be saved.  Some national states will devolve into the very worst humanity can offer. Think North Korea.  Some will consolidate to build that New Babel — that seems to be the conventional wisdom of the western elite.

But some may see the light and turn, like Hungary, to their Christian past and rebuild on the values that once make the great.

We will not apologize for this.  We will build again Christian nation/states whose symbols will be the Cross of Jesus Christ.  The atheists have no strength to play the long game. Especially not against the Muslim.

But we do.  The Christians do.  We are waking up.  And you should be afraid.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
24 April 2020

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