Christian Violence, Part 7: Attack on Rural Areas


Some on the Right imagine an rural world safe from the Urban crazies. No doubt the Catholic French in the country-side did as well when the fires of hate raged in Paris during
the French Revolution.  They found out wrong as they were butchered because their were French Catholics in support of King and Church.  They were attacked by the atheists as heretics that had to be slaughtered by the religion of the Left.  And so they were.

How is this done in Rural America?

The Santa Anna winds run hot at times of the year.  A good brush fire may cleanse the canyons should a political sign for Trump  show up, they could burn those communities out.    Once done, an anonymous leftist groups would drop a press release claiming credit and blaming the “presence” of Trump signs as the cause because it is proof of “systemic racism.”  Insurance companies may refuse to insure  Americans who dare to put out American flags, Christian symbols, or  any political signs at all.   

A molotov cocktail will be thrown at a house that has a Republican living there — or a
white  — or a Christian —  or someone who refused to put up a BLM sign in their yard.  Does anyone really think the police will be able to stop this?

Imagine a car pulls up and a man steps out all dressed in black.

He has a bottle in his hand.  Can you shoot him?
What if the bottle has a rag in it? Can you shoot him then?
What is he has a lighter in the other hand? Then?
What if he lights the rag? Can you shoot him then?
What if this was a bottle of water and he was just baiting you?   Do you take that gamble? 

Chances are this is a moot argument,  as the crime will be done and the car will be gone before you even wake up. It would happen at night.

But if you DID even show a weapon during this standoff — without even shooting — you risk arrest, the confiscation of your ability to defend yourself, and possible criminal charges.  And then you’d get fired by your employer for being called a “right wing extremist” in the local newspaper.

When can you defend yourself? Does that fire on your house have to be lit?   

Be sure in the fact that the police can’t prevent this, and likely won’t arrest anyone.   Does this give you the right to do your own investigation, track him down and deliver unto him as he delivered unto you?  Or are you obligated to “stand by” and wait until maybe some day an arrest is made?

The Left used the Right’s extreme reluctance to “break the law” in their favor.  They taunt  and goad, wishing for a response.   And because the Press and the government is on their side, they will claim great offense  and DEMAND that the government take action against the “Nazi’s” and “Fascists” and “violent extremists.”

Only White Christians and some Uncle Toms and the Hispanic equivalents can become “extremists” in the minds of the Press.    

The Left Has Already Won — What We See Now is Just a Mop Up Operation

No marxist revolution was ever won because they had the majority — on the contrary — they always win with the minority. The Left has already taken over the instruments of power in the United States.  Today we are just facing a cleun-up operation.  We just haven’t realized it yet.

When will we wake up? Who are we? What is worth living for a dying for and perhaps killing for?  They have already answered that for themselve, so it’s kill the cops and kill white people.

Do we just want our NFL and Trucks and TVs and a retirement check?  Gut check time for Whitey.

At what point does the Patriot decide the the Government has forfeited its legitimacy?

Does the government become illegitimate when it refuses to abide by the social compact of protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Does it become illegitimate when it employs the very enemies of the Chrisitian and Republican ideals expressed in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence?  Does it become illegitimate when it protects the Left and refuses to protect Whites and Christians?

The governments don’t care. The police aren’t there.  The Republicans are silent.

Let us be clear — the Left has already declared war on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — they do not hold themselves bound by the rule of law.  They are open about this.  And government leaders embrace this.

They have not only declared war, they have largely won.

When does a Christian and White man understand that his own government has betrayed him? When does he realize that his own government is illegitimate?

When has the White Christian agreed to open the borders? Or embrace homosexual marriage? Or the crushing of free speech? Or the demonization of his ancestors by professors whose salaries come from white working class taxes?


At what point ought other forms of government be formed?  The most resilient of governments is always the first government — the man alone, the family alone, the clan and tribe alone.   Nations are tribes of similar tribes — and when the social trust has so disintegrated — as it has in North America, then man naturally reverts to forms of government vastly more ancient and legitimate that would is found in FUSA today.

University professors (The Priests and Prophets of our Secular Religion) undermined the institutions of blood and faith for a century, now.  Those were  always our ultimate protection from invaders, usurpers and tyrants.  Blood and Faith. Our kin by blood and faith.  White Christians with ties to our land, who know who we are, who are proud of who we are and who won’t apologize for who we are. Those who will never bend the knee.

The atheistic religious leaders (the University professors) indoctrinated our offspring for generations — teaching them that blood and faith and land don’t matter.  Why did they do this? So that white Christians  become like putty in their hands and eventually destroyed.


There is a deep rooted fantasy in the minds of rural patriots that they can defend their land and lives from the Communists.  Rural areas are not as “self-sufficient” as they think they are.  This is demonstrably untrue.  Here is how it works:

BLM will say to the farmer: “If you don’t cooperate, your farm will burn and your tractor tires will be slashed and we’ll add sugar to your fuel tanks.” Will the insurance companies insure a tractor once the atrocities start?   

But even that is too crude and labor intensive for the Left.

Once the BLM folks are in power — if they are not already in power — they will turn to addressing “systemic racism” is the same way that communists bureaucrats addressed “imperialism” and “Capitalism” in other countries.  They will appoint bureaucrats to enforce change and address the “unconscious bias” in the folks that need the most help.

In your local bank, there will be an officer who ensures compliance.  And when your farm needs a loan — and they all do — maybe you don’t get it. Or you get it with a “voluntary contribution” to the social group of their choice — like BLM, or Anti-Fa, or one of their organizations with a prettier name — like the “charities” used by Muslim groups as fronts to support the mujahideen.

Got a small business? Boom. There goes your credit card processing.  Daisiy’s dinner can’t operate without taking Visas, and Daisy is suspected of supporting the “fascists,” which means white Christians.  In fact, she is one.

This is already happening.   Web sites and business are under attack.  Men lose their jobs because they are not sufficiently “woke.”  Not because they have a confederate flag on their bumper, but because they don’t scream hatred loud enough at the enemies of BLM/Anti-Fa/Democrat Party.

You already know how easy this is.  Bought any guns or ammo with a credit card lately? Give any money to a Church? Bingo. They got you. Donated to Trump?  Didn’t donate to Obama?  Bingo, you are now a target.

It is really that easy. If they can send you fraud alerts when something “suspicious” happens, don’t you think they can categorize your politics and religion? They already are.  White. Rural. Christian. Truck owner. Married to the opposite sex.  Bought Ammo.  Have kids. Never divorced. Small business owner.  BINGO!  We have a hit!

Send out the goons.  Maybe they’ll ask for a “donation” first.  Or maybe they’ll just make an example out of you.

You need seed for your farm? Are you on the compliance list? How many black muslims farm workers do you have? None? No seed for you!

Need diesel for your truck?  Funny how your credit card stopped working. Turns out you “fit a profile” and you need to call the bank to “clear things up.”

Commercial fisherman?  Ditto.  Trucker? Ditto.  Restaurant owner?

Small time landlord?  So, are you providing rent subsidies (ie, free or reduced rent) to those immigrant families? No?  Hmmm.  Seems like your mortgage interest rate just went up.

“Mr. Smith — I’m calling you from State University, seems like your child had an ‘incident’ and was referred to the Council on Ethnic and Sexual Justice.  There’s a problem.  She’s not cooperating and her presence has become very disruptive.  She is disenrolled.”

Or worse, “Mr Smith — I’m calling from State University and just wanted to thank you for raising such a wonderful progressive child — xhe was just crowned Fairy Queen of the University!”

It gets worse. Your state governor (either party)— so concerned about the “structural racism” in the rural areas, will appoint a special commission to oversee change.  Bad police officers — including sheriffs — will be rooted out, exposed, shamed, humiliated and discarded.  “Progressive” officers from “less represented” groups will now be patrolling your streets with all the Authortiy of the State government.

And this will be duplicated on the Federal level — LEOs will be “retired” early and true believers put in their place.  It has already happened.  With a few great exceptions, how many Federal LEOs have renounced Anti-FA and BLM as Marxist Revolutionaries?  Crickets.  A GS-14 with LEAP pay is a helluva an income to lose over “principle,” isn’t it?  And those in the SES ranks already sold their souls — they aren’t going to help you.

Have you seen the Seattle PD in CHAZ lately?  What makes you think they will show up in suburbia BEFORE your house is burned?

So you started up your own local militia —  it is already infiltrated. It was infiltrated before you started.  The guy who started was probably a snitch.

Got good local cops?  Hmm. That probably means they aren’t culturally enriched and certainly have “unconscious bias.” No doubt you will have a political overseer appointed to make sure you aren’t the “racist fascist” that BLM says you are.

And that is all BEFORE the entirely new “federal” police force is set up  — the one Obamas wanted to create — the one that is supposed to be larger than our military forces combined.   You remember that, right?



Eventually the Marxist revolution will turn on its own, just as every other Marxist revolution has done.  The supporters (think, Nancy Pelosi) will eventually be turned out as too Bourgeois and they’ll run her through a wood chipper.  Every communist revolution (Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam) has done the same. Blood is like money — they can never have enough and they don’t care where it comes from.

Then what happens?  Maybe the governor of California panics and calls for U.N. intervention. A Democrate president doesn’t object — he supports a “neutral party” to assist:  Blue helmets in L.A.  China wants to help SO MUCH that they 100,000 soldiers to the US West coast.  And they have to eat. So they move into the agricultural areas  and find a resistant populace. Well bugger them, they say, and they import a million Chinese to run the farms in rural America and “ethnically cleanse” white people.

Don’t say it can’t happen — look where we are now.  Who could have imagine CHAZ or the defunding of Police?


Traditionally we think of War as kinetic activity. Bullets, bombs, tanks, mines, IEDs.

But we have already lost the war without anything of this sort. It’s called “Gray Scale” war.  Here is how they have waged it.

1. Slanders (they are racists!)
2. Doxing
3. De-Platforming.
4. Credit Card processing denied
5. Bank Account shut down
6. Threats of Violence —> Silence.  (Is someone in your family telling you to be quiet because they are afraid what might happen?  Yeah. That’s it.)
7. Tearing down of statues
8. Painting over heroic art.
9.Re-assigned school readings from the Classics to the culturally marxist scribbles of non-whites  homosexuals.
10. Invasion of Foreign peoples.
11. Foreign peoples steal your land and kill you and your children. See the white farmers of South Africa. See south Texas.  See Minneapolis.

If if you resist, if you speak out, if you raise your voice, if you dare assume that the Bill of Rights applies to you today,  go to Step 1 and repeat.  They will kill you.  There is no place where they will be happy.  They are like ticks on a hound dog — after a while they are so many that the dog dies. And they find a healthy to to infect.

Think Venezuela. Think the former Rhodesian (now called Zimbabwe).


They Right has ZERO gray scale capabilities.  Zero. We can’t Dox. (It would be like giving a Democrat a public award.)  We aren’t going to send White people to live in Seattle or Mexicans to LA.  We don’t have that as an option.  We don’t control the banks or the universities or the police forces or the military.  Even our churches are being taken over by those who hate Europeans and  reject orthodox Christianity.

There are statutes of Marx and Lenin in the U.S. Those could be targeted. But they will be defended at all costs by Anti-Fa and BLM.  Is it worth it? How many folks in Seattle are ready to battle over this statue?

Our ability to wage this type of gray scale war is extraordinarily limited.

And we are hobbled by our insistence on “obeying the law” and being good citizens.

We aren’t trying to overthrow a system, we are trying to preserve it.  We are the law abiding tax payers who are supporting governments that have already turned against us.

And maybe that is our mistake — the system has already been overthrown — they are just in the mop-up phase.  Maybe we need to think differently about our situation.


It would be nice  there actually were patriots in the FBI or CIA or US military who took seriously their oath to  defend the U.S. Constitution from domestic enemies.  I don’t see it.  I’m betting that they like their GS-15 pay scales and retirement more than risking it for their grandchildren. They are just getting what they can get will the getting continues.  Makes them no better than Hillary Clinton or Anti-Fa.


We have to talk about traitors.  Traitors sell out for money, or prestige, or protection or just out of fear.  Judas sought money and position and prestige.  He yearned for the approval of the anti-Christs.   He denounced The King.  His end was the appropriate end.

In civil wars, traitors can have only one end.   This is a historical fact — it is repeated throughout history. You don’t have to like it. I don’t have to recommend it. Like rain and snow and cold — it just is. 

White Christians are the traitors of mankind, according to the BLMs and Anti-Fas.  Do you really think they will have mercy on you? Already, weak minded peoples are literally bending the knee to their new masters.

Study  wars. Study revolutions. Study the rebellions.  This is just a fact of history — it’s not prescriptive, it is descriptive. What happens to a snitch? What does the Mafia do? What does MS-13 do?

This is about your life. And the life of your brother and sister and children. This is for all the marbles.  You have to wake up out of your slumber and realize this. You are not safe. Living in a rural area is not safe. Rural areas are full of “true believers” who would sellout white Christians just because they hate us.  Don’t fool yourself that it is going to be OK.

Traitors will be identified. The  problem that is going to solve itself.


Like in life, sometimes the winds shift and just start to blow the right way. You buy the right property before the prices go up.  You got that good job that someone else decided not to take. You didn’t get divorced and she didn’t take the kids.  Cattle prices were up. Fish prices were up.  Three good hay mowings this year.

Things will happen that we didn’t expect. Our Lord God can make the weather change and confuse our enemies.  Though they perceived themselves as the gods of the earth, they are not — the giants of Numbers 13 surely didn’t think the Hebrews could defeat them. Not even the sons of Israel  believed they could beat them.  But we have to think like Caleb. We have to think like the three men thrown into the fiery furnace.  We have to think like Stephen, who dared call out the murderers of his King even knowing that he would suffer no better fate.

It may take a revival of Christianity — a move of the Holy Spirit like in the days of George Whitfield, or Charles Finney — that can happen.  

Revival isn’t for the enemies of Jesus Christ — it is for His Church — to reawaken His Church, His People.

War is a godly exercise for the Righteous. Ask Joshua and Gideon. Ask Samuel and Elijah. Ask the Captain of the Lord’s host.

Dig deep.  Tear off your own mental blinders.

This has already happened.  Generations of young white Christians have been led away from the faith of their forefathers – they have been taught to hate themselves and their God.  They/We rejected the gentle yoke of our Lord and bound themselves with iron yokes of self-destruction and call it freedom.

We can have our land back. We can have our freedom back. But we have to take it.  It is worth the fight.


We do have a secret weapon on this fight. It is Jesus Christ. It is the Captains of the Lord’s Host. It is the Spirit of the Lord.  He will fight for us.  But first we have to fight for ourselves.  We have to realize the slavery we are under.  The Churches are the secret weapon.  When (not if) the churches awaken, then we have a force greater than all the Philistine giants.  But if we don’t awaken, AR-15s aren’t going to be enough. 

When the church awakens, we will once again learn to invoke imprecatory prayer—

  • May our enemies devour themselves and be divided.
  • May their buildings fall upon them and their money fail. 
  • May they become blind and may wisdom flee them. 
  • May they swim in their own sewers, may the worm consume their flesh and the rot consume there eyes. 
  • May they fall in their streets and eat their own children.

Our God is great.  Our God confuses our enemies.  Our God is a God of Victory and War.  Our God gave our ancestors a Land to be a Christian people unto Him. This land is in Europe and it is in North America and Australia and New Zealand and wherever a bloodline would seek to serve Him.

Whites can go the way of the Christian Europeans in the former Rhodesia.  We can go the way of their brothers in South Africa.

Or we can decide now that it is worth the fight, for our bloodlines and our ancestors and our God.

European men must believe this once again. When we return to Him, He will return to us.

Let the Lord arise and his enemies be scattered.
Fritz Berggren, PhD
23 June 2020

PS:  The Mexicans ought rally around the God of their ancestors — Jesus Christ — and resurrect the honor of St. James of Matamoros.  They are in a battle for their lives against the death cultists/cartels.   Their atheistic-marxist government has done nothing but enrich the rich and empower the Cartels.  Time for a resurrection and Christian/Catholic/Hispanic patriots to start over.



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