History Happens, Borders Change

This is a reminder to people that history actually happens.  What is today will not be tomorrow.  What was yesterday vanished.   We would do well the remember that, and hold dear that which made us great.

Thirty-four new countries emerged since 1990.

One ought to remember that North America was not always just Canada and the United States. It was ruled by Russia, England, Spain, France, thirteen sovereign and independent states loosely organized under the Articles of Confederations, The Republic of Texas,  the California Republic, The Confederates States of America, Mexico, and that doesn’t include those who preceded the Europeans, (or the Conch Republic).

There is no reason to believe it will remain divided simply between the U.S. and Canada — that is untenable in the long run.  Unlimited immigration (into both countries) is destabilizing. People don’t just “melt together,” and the idea of a “patchwork” simply leads to division and war — look at the history of the Balkans. Look at the history of Europe.

Globalists — neo-Babelonians — cheer the disappearance of the nation state and its replacement by organizations like the European Union, WHO, WTO, the United Nations, and the “liberal international order.”  They seek to re-order mankind to fit into their cult.

Rational people don’t accept that. The Europeans are waking up.  Christian Hungary has rejected atheism.  Islamic Turkey also rejected a secular identity, and cannot truly be part of Europe.  Britain is pulling away from the E.U.  Texans talks about seceding from the United States.  Californians are calling for secession.

There is a movement in Washington State trying to form a new state, called Liberty, in the same legal and constitutional manner that West Virginia seceded from Virginia.

It wasn’t that long ago that Quebec sought independence.  Conceptually the American Redoubt exists in the Inland Pacific Northwest.  The South may yet rise again.  Is there any reasons to think that some of our Southwest border state may not eventually realign with Mexico?   Or an independent Hawaii? Puerto Rico will leave America’s orbit once the money stops flowing.  Ditto Guam.  Eco-dreamers yearn for a Cascadia. Some Californias just want their own state of Jefferson.   Oregonians want to join Idaho.

The good news is that people tend to be unruly and want to go their own way.  That keeps the totalitarians at bay.  Globalism is Totalitarianism.  Independence movements are healthy.  Hopefully it will give people a chance to govern themselves and resist the project of dehumanization.

So, hold on your hat. There’s no reason not to think the borders in northern America will not be redrawn, probably several times in the next fifty years.

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