Podcast: Nations and States, Philosophy and Religion, Collapse of the Current Order

The unitary nature of philosophy, theology, language, religion, politics, morality and worldview. They are not differences — they all flow together. In the West we have simply replaced one religion (Christianity) for another (Atheism) with all the trappings of any other religion; the university professors are the priests and prophets of this religion.

Of Nations and States: A nation is the organism, a state is the mechanism. The aim of the deluder is to destroy the organism and replace it with a mechanism. Strong nations (bloodlines) are the natural anti-dote to strong mechanisms (totalitarian governments). Men will naturally organize themselves without artificial structures.

The collapse of the current order: The Marxists are winning. No one else is even on the battlefield. This isn’t about voting Republican — this has to be rebuilt from the ground up by Christian men organically raising Christian families and protecting their own land/territory from invaders. Christian men have zero obligation to welcoming Muslim “refugees” into their own territory.

The fight is hard — the grace of God comes when Christian men show up.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
22 July 2020

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