Against Judeo-Christianity

As the world abandoned the Light and Life of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, it has descended into darkness and insanity. No where is this more apparent that in American public schools where child abuse is institutionalized — the unspeakable horror of training children to accept homosexuality and the changing of sex and gender is cruelty against our most innocent.  Why should this nation continue? 

How did we get here? We  abandoned the  Scriptures. We thought were were smarter than God. We didn’t like what God said in His Word, so we took it, twisted it, and invented our own precepts and traditions.  

Yes, this is what the Jews did.  They were given the Law of God and yet chose to reject it.  Ditto for Europeans — they were Christendom.  And they accepted the leaven of the Pharisees, subverting the truth.  We have lies, now, for doctrine, just as the Jews replaced the light of the prophets with the darkness of their man-made traditions.

The European “Christians” who led us down the path of poison are long dead, now.  They will face their judgement.   Those of us remaining must recognize the wrong imposed upon us and return to the faith of our Fathers — we must return to the Truth.

That begins with History.

The Truth is that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God – and ALL THINGS came into being through him (Jesus Christ).  He is the Creator.  We did not “evolve.”

Centuries ago men in the heart of Christian Europe decided, like Lucifer, to relieve themselves of responsibility toward God.  They did this by creating a new man-made tradition: they imagined that the universe was self-existing — that something came out of nothing — that entropy worked in reverse — that life came from non-Life — and that the natural course of human existence was an upward trend toward properity, health, light and freedom.  An existance without a Creator and in no need of a Saviour.  

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels remain the social prophets that led this rebellion against sanity.  They surmised that the Christian religion was a source of slavery and darkness.  Of course the French atheists preceded them, those who founded the Cult of Reason.

This grand experiment was to find out what happens when the most advanced, enlightened, and Christian society rejects Jesus Christ.  And it has not been good.  They wanted the blessing of God, without the God.

In the Beginning, mankind was very good.   When sin entered in,  the trend has been downward ever since.  This is fact.   It is fiction that  entropy works in reverse (evolution).

Mankind became depraved.  The beasts of legend — offspring of fallen angels and human women — roamed the earth and fed off of mankind.  The violence became so great that God decided to kill them all — humans and beasts — in a world-wide Flood.   (Is that “offensive,” to the Judeo-Christian? We’ll return to that in a moment.)

All but Noah and seven others died.  From Noah’s three sons the nations (bloodlines) of earth emerged.  Fallen mankind again rebelled  — instead of spreading out and filling the earth they endeavored to stay “united” and built their own temple at Babel so that they may even scale into the heavens.   This remains mankinds purpose today.

God mercifully intervened and divided the earth on bloodlines.  He enforced the division by causing different nations (bloodlines) too speak different languages.  Man gathered their own together and departed for their own lands using the naval engineering they learned as descendants of those who built the ark (Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japeth).  

Why did God divide the nations?  To see which ones would seek Him and serve Him — and He is not far away.

Christian Blood Lines

A Christian man must marry a Christian bride, bear children, and raise them up as loyal servants of Jesus Christ.  This is the primary life calling for all Christian men.   To the extent we succeed in this is the extent to which we succeed in life. To the extent we fail . . .  not only are our children lost, but a lost world has less chance to hear the Gospel.

It is always the devil’s goal to break the bloodlines.  Therefore, Satan attacked Eve in the garden of Eden.  His goals was to seduce her — to make here his mate.  This would terminate God’s project to raise up godly offspring.  Satan did not consummate that seduction — but he had not finished, yet, either, as we shall see.  When the Watchers fell, they took unto themselves wives, bred them, their offspring became the giants of old, men of renown.

That bloodline was eliminated in the Flood.  Unless, possibly, one of the four women on the boat bore the influence of the Watchers, the seed of the Fallen angels.  There is no reason to think that the woman Noah took on the boat was the mother of Shem, Ham, or Japeth.   There is reason to think she was not.  It may be that Caanan was the product of a union between Ham and Noah’s (un-named) wife, for he “uncovered his father’s nakedness.”   Ham may have had relations with his step-mother.  

We know from the writings that Canaan’s sons included the evil Amorites and the anti-Christ giants  Og and Goliath.  The sons of Israel were called to take ALL of Canaan’s land and eliminate Canaan’s bloodline in that area.

Their success was only partial — they found it easier to get along with their enemies than to utterly destroy them.

(The untutored err when the surmise that the mark of Cain was black skin — all of Cain’s bloodline perished in the Great Flood.   It was the children of Canaan that were cursed by Noah — cursed to be slaves to Shem and Japeth.  )

It is fascinating to see how God called the son’s of Israel — a nation of twelve tribes — to settle in a specific geographic area with explicit borders; borders for the individual tribes as well as for the nation as a whole.  God didn’t care that “someone lived there first.” All the earth belongs to God.  God didn’t like the Canaanites.  God told the sons of Israel to wipe them out and take their land.  No apologies.  Is this a God who yearns “not to offend?”

The son’s of Israel made  peace with their enemies and allowed them to live with them and even inter-marry with them.  It was the perfect pluralistic, inclusive, and tolerant society.   They were seduced by the seed of the Serpent and became, too, a brood of vipers.

Solomon was famous for this — marrying into pagan bloodlines and honoring demon-gods.   The decent into wickedness prevailed over the ensuing centuries with some interruption and some revival — King Josiah comes to mind — a type of Savior.   

The final tribe — Judah — eventually turned wholesale against the God of their fathers.  They retained the illusion of being the sons of Israel, but their hearts were very far from God. They kept the trappings of the temple and proclaimed themselves sons of Abraham, but they were really false sons.

They murdered the prophets and accused the men of God of sins which were not sins at all, like they do today.

The Jews of Jesus time — with he exception of those he came to save (which were not many) — murdered the Son of God.  By the time the Heir — the Son of the King — showed up in the vineyard,  their hearts, collectively, were so hardened to the Almighty that the rose in defiance of God and murdered Jesus Christ.   They accepted responsibility for this. When Pilate washed his hands of responsibility they proclaimed “his blood be upon us and our children!”

At this point the seduction was complete.  Satan consummated his union with the the woman in a blood ritual — the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Jesus knew this, He saw this.  He called the Jews out — they were the brood of vipers, the seek of the serpent, they were of their father, the devil, who had been a liar from the beginning.   There is no escaping Christ’s judgement on the Jews. Even the name of the traitors — Judas — emphasizes the Jewish nature of the crime.   

Jesus spent little time in Judah — he preferred Galilee the Gentiles.  And that is where the Gospel would go. 

Time again the Greek (European) scriptures emphasize the nature of the Jews as the enemies of the Church — the enemies of Christ.   In the great Revelation Jesus yet again makes it explicit — he says the Jews — those proclaiming to be Jews — where really false Jews and were of the synagogue of Satan.  

Satan got his bride — he got the Jews.  Their identity is tied up in the rejection of the Laws of Moses (Jesus said this), the murder of the prophets, the elevation of their man-made traditions over the Word of God, the murder of Jesus Christ, and the persecution of Christians and their yearning to spread the leaven of the Pharisees into the Church since that time.

They are not your friend. They are not friends of Jesus Christ.  

They are enemies of God. Jesus said this. Why, Judeo-Christian, have you abandoned Jesus Christ in order to honor the seed of the serpent?

Why do Christians have more fear of the enemies of Christ than of Jesus Christ himself? They fear being called anti-semitic and are quick to embrace the leaven — the poisoning of The Faith.    So many evangelicals (and I’m not even including the mainline protestant denominations, let along the position of Pope Francis) yearn for the adulation of the world and the acceptance of the see of the serpent.  

 “God loves Jews and homosexuals and Muslims and atheists,” in their new gospel. “God is a God of love, and love trumps hate,” and “judge not lest ye be judged” (never mind that the scolding they render when quoting that scripture is, in fact, a judgement).  They have, wholesale, done what the Jews did — they abandoned faithfulness to the Word of God and sought he favor of the Anti-Christ.

This new Judeo-Christian religion is as anti-Christ as the original Jewish religion.   They exalt their own moralities and rules over Gods.  They keep the garb of the Faith, but abandon it’s heart. They are like the singer Madonna, who once wore a Cross.  Eventually she woke up to the logic of her position and more recently wore a Jewish star and adheres to the traditions of the Kabalah.  

Judeo-Christians are the enemies of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Creator of the Universe, whose blood alone atones for sin and without which their is no salvation physically, intellectually, morally, spiritually, or eternally.

Truly it is stunning when you set back and look at what these Judeo-Christians say and compare it with Jesus Christ.   If you can sum up one phrase that captures the heart and sprit of the new Judeo-Christians it is “I don’t want to offend.”  Since when was that a Law of God?  Did Jesus Christ tell Joshua not to kill the occupiers of Canaan  because it might have offended them?

Did Moses leave out the story of the Great Flood because it might have “offended” more modern and sensible people? 

Their false religion retorts, “well that is Old Testament,” and so, along with  the Jews, the deny the Law and the Prophets when in Christ’s first sermon (according to Matthew) he says “do not think I came to abolish the law or the prophets.”  

Did Jesus leave out warnings of hell because, well, “God is a God of love?”

A corrolarry to “I don’t want to offend,” is of course to never, ever be accused of “anti-semitism.”   Judeo-Christians will proclaim that Jesus was a Jew (He is not) and that the Jews are God’s chosen people (they are not).

Did Jesus live his life so as not to offend the Jews? Far from it!  He was so offensive to the Jews that they murdered him!  In life he said their father was the devil many times.  He reinforced this after his resurrection (Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9).   His Word (the Greek Scriptures) emphasize that they remain enemies.

These Judeo-Christians love the praise of the seed of the serpent and have wholesale accepted the leaven of the Pharisees – they have become them as well.

Even the disciples didn’t want offend the Jews — but Jesus would have nothing to do with that evil spirit — “they are blind guides of the blind, and both shall fall into the Pit,” he told them.  They, the disciples, were warned against the leaven of the Pharisees.  If only the Church would have heeded this warning.  

Today the leaders of the Evangelical church are no better than the Pharisees, the Jews who were “offended” by Jesus.  They are particpators in the Global Cult, blind guides leading the blind, the new Judeo-Christians.  They abandoned the faith and turned back, like the Jews, to the more ancient ways of tolerance, inclusivity and diversity.  Hell is their destiny, those Judeo-Christians.  

Aw, but it’s a good time to be alive. It is a time for closing.  The door swings shut. Get in our get out. The ride will not be merciful.

If this writer lies, then abandon what I say and go be a Judeo-Christian. But if I speak the truth, then dig deep into what I say and get back into the European Scriptures (the Greek scriptures) and re-learn what the Master said and did.

Jesus Christ is Lord.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
17 October 2020

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