Podcast: Freeform Friday — Two Hours of the Big Picture

This was live this morning on fritzreport.podbean.com. This is a “big picture” show — it is not possible to resist within the system — one must get outside the system to have a worldview that supports the defense of Truth, the Bible, and Europeans/Whites.   There is a “narrative” that is controlled by the Global Cult.  The only real counter-narrative is a completely Bible based counter-narrative. For two long “Christians,” (Judeo-Christians) have tried to placate the anti-Christs by being silent or ignoring much of the Bible.  As a result, they have become historically worthless, not even worth of mocking or criticism — barely an after-thought in contemporary society.  But should Christians cling to the whole Gospel and the command to disciple the nations, people get nervous and start paying attention.

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