You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy (or Else!)

You don’t have to like it or agree with it.It is the present reality —

Health Care: We don’t purchase health care, we subscribe to health care services. We are taxed (it is called “insurance”) and they provide some level of services, depending upon what they wish.

Home: You were never meant to own your home. Your purpose is to pay interest on your home for thirty years, then “trade up” in order to continue those payments.

Car: If you are fortunate to buy your car for cash, chances are you have no “right” to treat it as your own. Consider the “rules” for tinkering with the Tesla software, or the software of giant farm tractors. You don’t really own it. Just wait until they put a kill switch in every car on the road — you truly don’t own that car.

Phones: We all rent phones, essentially. Even if you buy a phone, you rent the service.

Computers and Software: Software has gone to a subscription service — I recently signed up for a software service to assist with grammatical corrections. I will never own it. Apple is moving in that direction. 

Your Job: You don’t own your job. You offer a “subscription service” to your labor and when they are done with you, they cast aside you. Even your “pension” at this point is suspect.

Bank Account: Anyone who has supported the Canadian truckers knows they really don’t own their own money. It is their money and they will give it to you if they want to.

Land: Can you do what you want with land? Between zoning codes and environmental impact statements, the answer is no.  What happens if you stop paying taxes on your real estate? They take it from you. Many farmers have turned over their land to the government simply because they can no longer afford to pay taxes on land that does not generate enough revenue.

What else is left?

They can take your life and your belongings, but not your soul.
Honor is the only thing that follows you to the grave.

Live this way.
Everything else they have already taken.


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