Christians Listening to Liars

Too many evangelicals will turn to the Jew and ask “what can we say about you?” The approved narrative is “God’s chosen people” and “the holocaust.”

Why does the Church seek the truth amongst unbelievers? The words of Jesus Christ come first.  The Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit comes first way before the opinions of unbelievers.

The word of those rejecting Jesus Christ has no place in the definition of a topic (Jew) extensively covered by the Word of God. Yet Christians have allowed an antiChrist people define a bible term (Jew).

It matters not a spittle what those who reject Jesus Christ think; what matters is what the Holy Scriptures say. The Word of God is eternal — a people or religion who reject Jesus Christ can never be relied upon for truth.

Here is Truth:

When both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ called the leaders of Judaism a “brood of vipers” they displayed the hatred that God put between  the Seed of the Serpet (a brood of vipers) and the Seed of the Woman (Jesus Christ and those born again of His Blood) in Genesis 3:15.  There was never any common ground between the Son of God and the Jewish leaders.

Jesus Christ chose never to live in Judea.  He is known as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus the Galilean, not Jesus the Jew.

Eleven of the Apostles were Galilean. Only one was from Judea, Judas Iscariot, the traitor. Iscariot was a town in southern Judea.

The Jews said Jesus was insane and demon possessed.  Jesus Christ told the Jews that their father was the devil.

The Jews tried, and eventually succeeded in the murder of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Jesus told the Jews that the care of the vineyard would be stripped from them and given to a different ethnos.  That happened — Europe becomes Christendom and all the Scriptures written since the Resurrection were written in a European language (Greek).

Jesus Christ’s definitive word of the Jews is this:

They are false Jews of the synagogue of Satan.  Rev 2:9

Those false Jews of the synagogue of Satan will bow down before the servants of Jesus Christ. Rev 3:9

This (Revelation 3:9) is a direct quote from Isaiah 60:14.  The Church of Jesus Christ is the Zion of the Lord.

Jesus Christ rejected the Jews as his brothers. Jesus Christ claimed to be one with the father a called the Jews the sons of the devil.

Christians who defer to the Jews about a bible topic err; why would a Christian listen to liars about a Bible topic?

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