Yes, We CAN Build and Ethnic and Christian Nation/State

The biggest lie out there is that we cannot build explicit Christian and ethnically based nation states. It is not even a discussion, except outside of the permitted conversation.

As a result, every single political conversation on the acceptable Right is doomed to fail. Every single “conservative” commentator, even those hated by the Left, will utterly fail.

It is either Christ, or it is antichrist. It is not Left/Right. It is not conservative/liberal. It is not capitalist/communist. It is not woke/traditional.

There is no magic dirt that turns Moslem Somali immigrants into Dutch Presbyterians. This is a deception that we must recognize and reject.

#1) Every European/White must understand that he is different from every other person on the face of the earth and must act in accordance with what is good for his own race. This honors our ancestors — the Fifth Commandment.
#2) Every thinking Christian (Not Judeo-Christian — that is a different religion) must understand the conflict as Christ v. Antichrist.

Whites willing to understand themselves as Whites are ripe for understanding their true Advocate and Monarch. The same people that hate the whites hate their Christ.

Any other political paradigm will fail.
There is no faith without blood.

In Blood and Faith,

Fritz Berggren
17 April 2023

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