The Demon-God of Diversity

There was a belief, once, that like people ought rule themselves.  But we abandoned that idea to worship the god of diversity.  Supposedly newly arrived Somalians are supposedly as “American” as a  New Mexican family whose ancestry is traced back to Christian Spaniards arriving  in the 1500s.  Ditto for the descendants of the Mayflower or those whose ancestor fought on either side of the first Civil War.

Have we learned nothing from the problem of importing entirely foreign peoples into European Christian lands?  Four hundred years of Blacks and Whites in North America and there exists an industry, not the heal the rift, to make  permanent the guilt. They serve the God of Diversity who really is nothing more than a god of chaos, war, anger and enmity.

We abandoned, over the generations, the belief that our ancestors were good.  Their Christian faith is banned from the public sphere and our education institutions deride the colonists.  Their cherished values that have been inverted into modern social sins (racist, sexist, homophobic, queer phobic, transphobic, xenophobic, Islamo-phobic, intolerant, divisive and anti-Semitic).     

There is no longer a universal “us.”  The acquisition citizenship does not create a mystical bond of fraternity that healthy nations require.  We are a hodgepodge of nations  largely guided by heritage Christians of European descent who joined a cult of self debasement.  These heritage Christians, European, address their “sins” by hating their own bloodline as they worship at the altar of “Diversity. ”  

No one owes another man self-abasement.  This new demon-god called Diversity demands that European man alone renounce his ancestors, his Savior, and his land  and his identity.

We willingly abandoned our European and Christian identity for “new gods,” who have mentally enslaved us.  Renouncing our ancestors and lands robs our descendants of a future, of an existence.  

If this discussion  treads upon the holy cult-guilts of racism, or xenophobia, realize  that the problem is as deep as the European soul.   The descendants of European Christians have been poisoned with man-made precepts and false-guilts. That guilt hangs over every political thought and word.  It controls us.   And it must be rejected.

Jesus Christ did not impose burdens on you or your ancestors. These are ideas of anti-Christs and other social marxists all the way back to Friedrich Engels and the French atheists.  We cast off the gentle yoke of Jesus Christ and are bound with yokes of iron, whipped by foreign  peoples.  Our children  (descendants of European Christians) are taught to despise themselves, their God, and even their own blood.

It is time to be frank and dispel the myths of universal fraternity and tolerance.  Not even the French Revolution could live up to their motto of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. It was a lie from the beginning as they slaughtered French Catholics and overturned Christian institutions.  Now the French taste the bitters as the Muslim and African “enrich” a once European and Christian nation.   The French are angry — their god Diversity always hated the children of a Christian culture — that god will never forgive them.

Once I heard speak a distinguished professor — he was asked why Africa  had failed so badly despite liberation from European colonial powers.  His answer was this:  the lines drawn on the map are not reflective of people groups (nations).  The boundaries forced an unnatural integration that even Africans resist.  The questioner may have expected the Professor to blame lingering European colonialism or some Western sin that would reinforce European evil.  But the Professor was raised in an African country that seethed in ethnic and religious hatred WITHIN that very country.  And that is why Africa does not work — it has nothing to do with Europeans, according to that Black African Canadian Professor.

The response from the White audience was as you may expect —  no one dared challenge a “Black” man who was African to-boot.  The group worshipped the God of Diversity — it was  (and remains) a founding precept of the Cult.   That Professor was trotted out as the quintessential example of a diverse and inclusive society and the ease of which peoples are assimilated.   And he refuted a core tenet of their faith.  

European Christians (including heritage Christians) have a unique culture (or we did).  We are different from Somali Muslims. We are different from Salvdoran refugees.  We are not Jews.  We are not Black.  And they are not us.  Expecting us all to be “one” is an exercise in self-annihilation.  

The world gasps in horror with each new “endangered” sub-species, but cheers the elimination of White culture from whole regions of the earth.  This will not stop until White people stop it — we have been handmaidens to our own demise.

Telling Whites to hate their own bloodline will eventually backfire OR we will cease to exist.  Which, I am afraid, is exactly the project of the Cult.   Recently deceased Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev who boasted, “make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the lives ones, and the females too unite the social construct knows as ‘the white race’ is destroyed. Not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

This man worshipped the demon of Diversity — one of Lucifer’s purveyors and discord and anti-Christ hatred.   

Anti-Christ hatred cannot be resisted other than from a Christian foundation.  We, Europeans, are descended from Japeth (the first son of Noah, who was neither Jewish nor a Semite).  We accepted the Gospel and  became Christendom.  The hatred of Professor Ignatiev is toward our God, the non-Jew,⁠1 Jesus Christ.  Since Christ cannot be attacked directly, these anti-Christs go after His seed.   And this has been true since the Fall (Genesis 3:15).

The source of hatred is rooted in their anti-Christ crusade. Whites will remain in the concentration camp until we no longer exist if we don’t realize this fact.  If we wake up and realize this, our fury should know no bounds and we will rebuild faith in our Bloodline and faith in our God.   And then our dread Champion, the Captain of the Lords Host, who overcame death, hell, and the grave will lead us again as we arise and build a Christian nation for our descendants and for an example to the rest of the world.

They will hate us all the more for this, and that should cheer the Christian heart. Why live in fear of those who hate our Champion?  Let them hate. Let their hatred consume them. We will love our God with no apologies and make no effort to Judaize our Christ.  

 Our problem is that we allowed the leaven of the Pharisees to infect the faith.  The Christian Church too worships the Demon of Diversity and other foreign gods.  Since when do Christians rationalize away a created world to accommodate the Reverse-Entropists (Evolutionists?). Since when do Christians embrace death (homosexuality)?   This isn’t “sin,” in the common sense, it is civilization death — homosexuality is the denial of life on a historical scale.  We (the Church) have His guidance, the Word of God, and yet we try to hide it.  Not on a personal basis — it is much worse than that.  We use “the Bible” as an adornment but don’t want to offend the anti-Christs by  talking bout it, let alone expecting the Word of God to be a guide for public policy. 

This isn’t about repenting of a personal sin, it is about abandoning our God, like the Jews did, and them claiming we have something to offer.    We have followed the blind guides and are in a pit.   The leaven has deceived us.  Salvation doesn’t come by getting more leaven — it comes by purging it.  

Christians LOVE to be guilty of sin, so they can “repent” and show off their righteousness.   And if the common sins (adultery, gluttony, drunkenness, gossip, greed) are not enough, we welcome whole new classes of sins (racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, intolerant, anti-Semitic)! 

The Church acts as if the Blood of Jesus Christ is not enough to atone for our sins — we want MORE sins and we want to bear our own cross and whip ourselves and degrade ourselves in order to flaunt our own piety.  Like the Pharisee who boast of his fastings, the guilt-plagued White boasts of  his moral superiority by announcing that he is against “racism,” or whatever self-imposed sin is fashionable in the moment.  

Are we not Christians?
Do not the just still live by faith?
Who gave you permission to slide back into Judaism?

Christians have done what the writer of Hebrews warned against — we became convinced that Jesus Christ is offensive and then tried to please Christ’s enemies.    The foundation — the just shall live by faith! — is exchanged for guilt  in order to be loved by the world. 

Heritage Christians bear not only their own guilt, but the blood of those who will never hear the Gospel because we betrayed our ancestors and the Christian faith and nation they passed down to us.

The Salvation of European man does not come from those who hate us.  Our Salvation comes from Him who loves us. 

European man cannot be free when we live in the mental cages Christ’s enemies built for us.  We have the keys — Jesus Christ makes us free if we would get off our knees and stop worshiping at the alter of these foreign gods.  We can be free no other way. To be European is to be Christian — if you abandon the latter you doom the former, and that is the present danger.

God created us.  He made us different. And he destined the Gospel of Jesus Christ to beat within our hearts. He inspired the Scriptures in a European language as he took the vineyard from the Jews and gave it to another people who would bring forth its fruit.

Our salvation lies in rejecting the leaven that has poisoned a Christian culture and people.  I write to the end that my people — my European brethren — understand their bondage and return to the One who can truly save and make whole again.  There is no other way.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
24 October 2020



1 The Father of Jesus Christ is God. God is not Jewish. The bloodline comes down only through the Father — never through the mother. If descent came through the mother, Jesus Christ would have received Adam’s original sin and could not have been the pure atonement.  No where in Scripture is a bloodline traced through a matriarchal line.  The angel never told Joseph to take his son to Egypt, he said “take the child and his mother.”  In every other example in Scripture God always acknowledges the patriarchal nature of a father-son relationship — but there was no father-son relationship between Joseph and Jesus.  God the Father conceived his Son through an untarnished woman by His Holy Spirit.  So claim otherwise is, truly, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

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